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Rumour: SNK Apparently Has A Nintendo Switch Title In Development

SNK is apparently yet another company that has big plans for the Nintendo Switch. The company reportedly has a Nintendo Switch game in development but that’s all we know. It could well be showcased during the Nintendo Direct that’s supposed to be taking place sometime this month. The Direct is rumoured to be on the 11th, but as always, we shall have to wait to get official word from Nintendo.

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      1. Quality wise there is no more SNK. I doubt there is the bunch of the old staff. Maybe some head but I doubt it is the same SNK of ’96 (when it died, for me). I’m still an SNK fan, when it was at the pinnacle of gming I had a Neo-Geo AES. Good things often don’t last long. I still appreciate their old games. I would like to see just remakes with higher resolutions (but not cheaply flat and contrasty artworks like the new Super Street Fighter II on the Nintendo Switch).

        1. I still have my AES, CD and Pocket Colour + that lousy Neo Geo X. But King of Fighters XIV is a brilliant game. It was well received from what I understand and I love it. SNK is has Chinese owners now, but from what I can tell they’re just pouring in A LOT of money. But ofc SNK isn’t the excatly the fighting juggernaut they once were.

          Their games from the 90′ are still quite playable and fun today. Garou Mark of the Wolves is one of my most played games on Switch atm. Kind of sad, but a good sad lol

      2. I would have liked an healthy SNK with big money to do a Neo-Geo 32, a perfect 2D machine. Unfortunately SNK has no money to do a new (quality) machine nor good quality games anymore. Still their old games are fairly good to play on the Switch today (theuy just miss high resolution, and eventually a better sound system. Never been a fan of Mark of the Wolves, last Fatal Fury for me is Real Bout 2 (3, R1 and R2 were all very good, with everyone having their merits).

        1. Yeah, I been saying for a while I want the Real Bout games. They’re all great games. Yeah, a Neo Geo 32 would be awesome. Maybe it will come one day if we keep dreaming hard enough lol.

      3. With 25 millions $ profit per year I find it hard, especially since it’s headed by chinese people. Also japanese lately don’t take risks. There are just Nintendo, Sony and pachinkos… well, it was good until it lasted. ^^

        1. Indies takes risk. I don’t like indie games much, but titles as Hellblade is a sign that there is hope.

          25 mill profit won’t make consoles unless they do another Neo Geo X and go third party. But it we all know how that turned out…

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