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Chinese Mobile Company Releases Blatant Splatoon Rip-Off

A Chinese mobile developer is looking to capitalise on the success of the mighty Splatoon with their own mobile title called Splatoon Party. It will certainly be interesting to see how long this one lasts before Nintendo lawyers take some action. Blatantly naming it Splatoon Party probably wasn’t the best of ideas. You can watch a video of the game, here.


Thanks to MasterPikachu6 for the news tip!



    1. I’m with you the first splatoon ripoff which is called sepeia is actually straight up rip from the game the models look a bit unpolished but other then that you would just think it’s a normal splatoon game but a mobile title

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      1. I don’t enjoy talking to relatives and old friends but I like knowing I have someway to connect with them (if needed). so I don’t think I could delete my account lol

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  1. ‘Splatoon Party’

    I mean, if you’re going to rip off a well known video game series, maybe don’t include the name of the series in the fleeping title.

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  2. Not just a blatant rip off but a total slap to the face, too, seeing as Splatoon is even in this rip off’s name! xD I mean, they can get away with it in China so I don’t see why others don’t just do it, too, & have the name right in the thing they are stealing. Like The Legends of Princess Zelda: Breathe of the Wilderness, for instance! (And I just gave some sick bastard an idea for their rip off of BotW! lol)

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  3. Ahh, guys don’t be so harsh! We should be commending their hard work and dedication, right? Nintendo should consider hiring them for development of a mobile version for Splatoon!

    Wait, are you guys hating on it because it doesn’t look as good as the original? Of course it isn’t going to! Besides, that doesn’t really make a difference for the actions Nintendo’s going to take. They should just leave these guys be, they are promoting Nintendo’s IP!

    Of course Nintendo is going to be a bad sport again ruining the hard work and dedication of these small developers..

    They should just release it for free on the internet if that happens, right? That’ll show them!


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