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Here’s 18 Minutes Of King Of The Monsters Running On Nintendo Switch

Are you a fan of huge monsters fighting in equally huge cityscapes? Then the arcade game, King of the Monsters, might be something you’d love to play on the go with the Nintendo Switch.

King of the Monsters was a particularly well known Kaiju fighting game produced by the SNK Corporation in 1991. Released on the Neo-Geo originally; in lieu of Arcade Archive’s other ports with Metal Slug and the King of Fighters series, King of the Monsters will feature a variety of extras and modifications to be enabled with the Nintendo Switch release. Included in these extras are the choices between original Japanese and English versions of the title, as well as a Hi Score and Caravan Mode.

King of the Monsters will release tomorrow on the Nintendo Switch, further adding to the choice of stellar releases within the eShop.



  1. Be really sweet to see Hamster get the rights to port over Marvel Vs. Capcom 1 and maybe even 2 to newer systems like the Switch. I know of the HD ports that were taken down but Hamster has really been doing good jobs with ports like KOF 98′.

    1. After the 30th Anniversary Street Fighter Collection some Marvel would be great to complete the package. Hamster are just the people for the job too

  2. Someone tell my dude James Rolfe. Huge Godzilla fan incase you haven’t seen the video.

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