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Team Meat Says That They Are “Planning On Doing A Physical Version” Of Super Meat Boy On Switch

You may recall a few months ago that the dev team behind Super Meat Boy, Team Meat, confirmed that they were “probably” going to make a physical version of the game for the Switch. Well, the topic had been brought up again on Team Meat’s Twitter, where they said that they are “planning on doing a physical version” of Super Meat Boy on Switch. Previously, they said that the physical version would come in 2018. This time, however, they say that “we don’t have a price or release date”. They were also asked about a physical version of Super Meat Boy Forever on Nintendo Switch. While Team Meat says that they’d “like to do that”, there is no work being done on it at this time. Their priority is getting the game itself done first. We’ve included both tweets down below.

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