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Mario Kart Wii Was A Top Seller On Amazon Last Month

Mario Kart Wii somehow managed to make it on the best-selling video game products list last month on Amazon. That’s pretty impressive considering the racing title was originally released back in 2008 – 10 whole years ago. Some are speculating that a number of parents might have accidentally bought it instead of the latest entry in the series, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, for the Nintendo Switch console.



  1. Its a good game even after 10 years of its release. The Mushroom circuit (I don’t remember its complete name) is my favorite.

    1. I think s that either Mario or Luigi circuit track they both share the same music unless your talking about the GameCube one that was port over to the wii

      1. Yes, that’s the I am talking about about. I didn’t remember until you mentioned the name. The best part of this racetrack is using turbo mushrooms on those big mushrooms to gain advantage.

    1. Hmmm Mario kart Wii, or Mario kart 8 deluxe
      Parents who are clueless about Nintendo:mmmh they both have the word Mario kart I’m pretty sure they both the same game
      (Ladies and gentlemen these are the same parents that were children born during the Snes and Nes)

      1. I feel sorry for them mistaking the Wii and the 8 game. They must get educated in the ways of game title differentiation (for the sake of their sons).

        1. The goddamn system logo is on every video game box. How the fuck can they confuse the names if it’s on the damn front cover? Are we seriously growing stupider as a species everyday?

      2. “The goddamn system logo is on every video game box. How the fuck can they confuse the names if it’s on the damn front cover? Are we seriously growing stupider as a species everyday?”

        No. Parents have always been this bad at understanding games.

        Source: I worked at Gamestop on multiple black fridays.

      3. No,.. they were guessing that’s what happened. Highly unlikely. The game is excellent and it’s only gonna get harder to come by. I have an extra new copy in case something happpens to my first copy. If Nintendo would remaster the courses and players that didn’t make it to the Wi U and Switch game and release it as dlc,.. that would be great.

        1. And where the fuck can you fit the drive in a tablet that’s almost no bigger than Samsung Galaxy Mega phone and as thick as a folded 3DS?

            1. And here’s another attribute you overlooked, if it did run on discs, how can you expect such tiny disc to fit a fraction of a video game data? There’s no micro sized Blu-Ray discs right now. That’s exactly the same problem the GameCube had. Nintendo wouldn’t be dumb enough to repeat the same issue/failure twice.

                1. Which requires a redundant disc cover that looks like a failed VHS replacement design that still didn’t protect it from scratches and the disc itself looks as thin as a piece of A4 paper. I wouldn’t even go back to that format. Besides, SD cards today can fit more than quadruple the storage/file sizes than a Blu-Ray disc.

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  2. well people are used that a single game title comes for current and past generation consoles. so people reading that a new Mario Kart is out, they search for the Mario Kart for the platform they have (in this case: Wii Mario Kart) and they buy it. people, mostly parents for small children wont notice the “DX” or Switch” at the end of a title.

      1. Yeah I have. It no longer supports Mario Kart Wii anymore. It hasn’t for about 5 years now. I used to play on it all the time

    1. Nintendo WFC is gone, but through the custom Wiimmfi server you can still play Mario Kart Wii online. It still has an active community and you can also play an enormous amount of fan-made tracks online by following the directions on this site:

      1. Yooooo, thanks so much. I checked out a YouTube video. Imma fire up my 10 year old Wii and play Mario Kart again later

    1. But he showed the unused mode a few months last year a Wii is easy to buy and come across now a days when this was discover people were line back up in GameStop trying to get themselves a Wii, I have seen people doing reviews and giving props to him

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