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Ubisoft Is Currently Sending Out Nintendo Switch Surveys

If you have a registered account with Ubisoft you may have received an email recently which is Nintendo Switch related. The team is collecting feedback from Nintendo Switch owners in order to create more exciting and unique games for the platform. Ubisoft have been committed to the Nintendo Switch, so it will be interesting to hear what they have planned.



    1. You can’t really blame them, the Wii U flopped hard and at the end of the day they’re in it to make money, now t support (at the time) a dying console.

    2. Why would they care about that? There weren’t enough Wii U fans that would still care to be a bother in comparison to all that other sweet Switch money.

  1. HYPE!!! I will take just about anything and everything Ubisoft has past, future, and present!!!

  2. If they could made a game that is inspired in Mario 64, that would be great as there isn’t too many of these types of games on Switch. The only ones are Odyssey and Yokalaylee.

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