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Ubisoft Employee Teases On Twitter That Something Nintendo Related Will Be Shown Soon

A Ubisoft employee has taken to Twitter to tease that something Nintendo related will be shown soon. Of course, there’s plenty of speculation as to what it could be. We recently saw that South Park: Fractured But Whole was listed by a prominent retailer and we’ve also heard rumours about another smaller Direct that could happen soon too.


    1. I’m Going out on a limb and I’m gonna say this it must be about the full direct being on thursday ea had it the pin point of the direct being the 18 on a Thursday mini direct however felt mostly unplanned since it was kept hidden and reveal as a last minute thing by Nintendo as everyone knew that Nintendo was going to do a direct soon let me shorten this up I feel like the full direct will be reveal on a thursday

      1. The idea of having Rabbids being a thing in general is annoying. They haven’t been funny or interesting since 2008. Plus it’s a dead franchise trying to be like The Minions.

    2. I feel like he’s just trolling when he said this. I know people are really indifferent about the rabbids or just don’t like them in general. I was on the side of not liking them in general up until Mario + Rabbids either he just don’t like the rabbids; which is fine cause no one really does or he just never played the game and is trolling just to say it’s bad. Which is something a lot of people do when they’ve never played a game before immediately having an opinion on a game they’ve never played.

  1. Since when the fuck has Ubisoft ever live up to anything? Forgot about their last several “big” games being false advertisements of graphical standards only to be downgraded to pre next gen vomit and people give Nintendo crap for doing the same thing…

    1. Ubisoft had the one of the best E3 shows last year out of all the big events. Also one of few big publishers left that arent trying to F the consumer and are actively trying to make good games.

      1. On the whole, no publisher is trying to F the consumer any more than they ever did. It’s just that what gamers expect is spectacularly more difficult to deliver these days. When every project requires so much high res art, has to be so long, and has to contain long cinematic voice acted scenes, every game has to hit ridiculous numbers of sales in order to be profitable. Gamers can have the good old days back as soon as they’re willing to accept dev teams of 20-30 people like there were in the good old days, and what kind of results those size of teams can product in a two years.

      2. *facepalm* More dumbass defense for their underwhelming/downgraded garbage that, of course, does screw the consumers in the ass if you haven’t paid attention to their obvious stunts in developing games that are as close to being one big lie as No Man’s Scam.

    2. Still salty from Ubisoft burning you during the Wii U days? Completely understandable. They did us wrong with a bunch of titles. However, this is different. I feel like this will turn out better than you expect, but take that with another grain of salt.

      1. Them in general are just horseshits while EA is uber greedy as fuck and Konami/Capcom being major idiots on handling their staff and IPs. Ubisoft can keep their downgrades as EA keeps their microtransactions that’s gonna get the whole world’s government’s on top of their ass.

      1. ||That is obviously implied, The Supreme Lord and The First Order do not accept rubbish anymore…||

        ||At minimum some sort of balanced compensation is demanded…||

          1. ||Mario + Rabbids has sold an acceptable level, Sonic Forces is nothing but a disposable waste and not even relevant to this argument since it is not an Ubisian weapon…||

            1. I mention Forces in this argument because it is relevant to this for one thing: It’s irrelevancy. Who the fuck asked for Rabbids again and it’s sold “reasonably” well because of Mario. Guaranteed if Mario wasn’t in it, nobody would care. I rest my case.

  2. Ugh…if that rumored small direct for this week is centered on Ubisoft, that sucks. There’s nothing I care for from them.

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