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Rumour: Australian Retailer Lists South Park For Nintendo Switch

Although it hasn’t been announced yet by Ubisoft, an Australian retailer has listed the entertaining South Park: Fractured But Whole for the Nintendo Switch. It could simply be a mistake or something is coming. We know that Ubisoft have been strong supporters of the Nintendo Switch so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see the game arrive on the platform.




          1. And that’s a big IF. Which is a NO. We would get 3 more Just Dance trash before Ubisoft even thinks about porting a South Park game over to Switch.

        1. Um… Ubisoft actually has supported Nintendo consoles a lot. You or I may not like all or any if the games they’ve put on the Wii U and Switch in recent years, but subjectivity aside, they are one of the bigger supporters.
          Not have they brought their multiplats to Nintendo consoles, but they’re also one of the only triple AAA companies that make exclusives for Nintendo consoles (albeit porting them to other consoles later).
          Love em’ or hate em’, it is what it is.

          1. Funny. That’s not how I remember it from only 2 years ago and beyond. Also, one random ass crossover nobody asked for based on a dead meme Rabbids and another Wii U port of a game that serves a painful reminder of how of a shit company Ubisoft is towards Nintendo fans is NOT support to me. It’s nothing but casual garbage I see from them. Bethdesa is delivering the real goods compare to those lying fucks. Even Capcom right now is delivering slightly more.

            1. Again, your argument is completely subjective. I don’t really care for most Ubisoft games either, but releases are releases. Right now you’re pretty much saying that the Ubisoft games that do come out on Switch don’t count as support because you don’t like them.
              Well, that’s not how that works, and like it or not, there’s already a fair bit of ubisoft games on the Switch now and on the way. And it wouldn’t surprise me if South Park was one of them.

                1. I don’t disagree with you that every game they’ve put out thus far on the switch aside from Rayman and Mario+Rabbids is trash, but that’s our subjective opinions. Those don’t make strong arguments. You don’t have to like the games, or buy the games, but the games are still there, and that is support.

                    1. They made one of the most (surprisingly) acclaimed games last year in Kingdom Battle. Regardless if you like it or not, if that’s not a heavy hitter, then I don’t know what to tell you.

      1. No wonder it failed.

        Well, honestly I enjoyed Rayman and I did like the gameplay of zombie u but I wish there was more with the latter, like once you completed the game more zombies and loadsa shot gun ammo.

      1. Correction: “The Nintendo fanboys in here are retarded”. Calls fans retards but never proofread said sentence. Isn’t irony a bitch? lol

  1. At least Ubisoft had a very successful game on the Switch– Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. There could be a possibility that it could port South Park: The Fractured But Whole for the Nintendo Switch.

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