Nintendo Will Provide Cardboard Patterns Compatible With Labo For Free (Update: Now Won’t)

Update: Nintendo France has posted a retraction and they will be charging.

It seems as if you won’t be forced to shell out out as much money for Nintendo Labo as originally thought, as IGN France has more details regarding the newly announced Toy-Cons included in the package that wasn’t originally known. The site details that “the kits will not be mandatory – although the cartridge is needed – since Nintendo plans to offer the cardboard design pattern for free for aspiring builders”. This means, that a much more cost-affordable DIY option will be available, allowing a variety of options for creative players. It is still not known at this time as to whether or not the software will be sold separately.

Nintendo Labo will be releasing on April 20th, 2018. For more information regarding Labo, you can check out all the details here.

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  1. Good so this probably means the labo packs probably won’t cost 90 $. If the games have a lot of replay value then I’m all in

  2. Also hello ShadowForks. This is the first time I have noticed you have published an article. I wish you good luck writing

  3. Now here is a question: Will Nintendo stop their upcoming games to solely focus on Labo? Somebody answer please! I don’t want their games in development to be cancelled! They won’t cancel Metroid Prime 4 will they?!

    1. Dude, WTF are you talking about?
      Chill out, this is just a kids toy that has nothing to do with the main games.

      1. Relax Sam, Nintendo has more then enough people in the company to handle an arts and crafts game/toy along with Zelda, Mario (maybe), Metroid, Kirby, Donky Kong, Yoshi and whatever other games they are coming out with.

  4. I think Nintendo has done a better job homeschooling my kids then I have. This just adds another Nintendo designed class.

  5. I think I’m done. If this were shown in E3, can you imagine how many eyes are gonna roll at this? This is Wii U level of “WTF?”.

      1. But fucking cardboard…I take it back about all that I said about the Wii U. THIS is the dumbest shit they’ve even dare to think about making so far and IDGAF if it’s for kids. Who plays with tiny pieces of cardboard anymore? This is the literal different of “Being stuck in the past” because nobody plays these things anymore.

      2. ” This is the literal different of “Being stuck in the past” because nobody plays these things anymore.”

        Nobody plays with cardboard? Ok. So you’ve never actually MET any kids.

      3. Don’t mind him. PBJ89 is probably the least imaginative person on here. He can’t see that something like this is not only an, educational, fun thing for kids but it’s also an opportunity for devs to learn about new ways to do use the technologies available to them.

        If it isn’t something he’s seen before, PBJ89, doesn’t understand it.

    1. You think you’re done because of one project aimed at a younger audience which in no way effects all the games you knew were coming out for the Switch?

      Well at least you’re finally confirming that you were only ever a troll, not an actual fan.

      1. You’re not getting me or the reality of this current generation right now WHO STILL PLAYS WITH PIECES OF CARDBOARD, FOR A VIDEO GAME IN 2018?! And they were just saying why they won’t opt with VR/4K yet due to “low install base” but they turn around and do THIS?! Nobody, not even babies, today plays with pieces of cardboard anymore and why hasn’t the other platforms ever thought of this before? Because 1. Who remotely fucking cares and 2. Nobody plays with cardboard since the 80s where kids use boxes for forts and toilet rollers for telescopes.

      2. I won’t be getting this (even though my inner child was yelling at me to) I’m all for them trying something new. Especially considering how no other console company is trying to do anything outside of their safe little box…

      3. “Nobody, not even babies, today plays with pieces of cardboard anymore ”

        I have kids. That you are wrong is rather self evident to people with kids.

    2. To your lower comments… “Who plays with cardboard?”… Ahem me? And all my mates, I’m 31, in work we always make crap outa cardboard and mess around when the boss ain’t watching lol I put pringles tubes on my arm and pretend to be Samus haha…. I still play with dolls, got new hotwheels the other day and I love toys…. Who cares what you think, if this isn’t your thing the. Leave it at that yeah? I hope it does well :)

      1. Legos are super popular for generations and can be used to creatively build models which can be fun. This is pieces of cardboards…for a video game console…can you think of anything dumber than that? Also, they ignore Virtual Console, longer universal game recording, system voice chat and web browser over this crap?

          1. 1. Sickening and 2. I wonder what they’re gonna do with that value next? Maybe fix the voice chat? Make a legit game that fans wanna see like F Zero revival? Nope, maybe another art craft that involves pixies and horse glue. XP

    3. So, your disgusted because of the cardboard aspect? Would you prefer more expensive plastic? This kit is just as much for kids to have fun building things as it is for unique gameplay opportunities. I’m no parent, but if I had kids, I’d rather buy this then spend even more money on what may become the equivalent of Wii Remote accessories. This, at least, can be recycled when you’re done playing with it for good.

  6. Jesus christ have you ever met a child? Either you are a troll or an ignoramous. Proven fact that kids play more with boxes than they do with actual toys. Seeing this new project just made me want to have a go. maybe it’s not for everyone but who cares?? Nintendo has always gone in their own direction, and I see this having a big impact. I think it’s great as it looks to educate and encourage creativity. Never imagined they would do something like this, or even think it possible, so thanks again Nintendo

    1. Hard to believe people are arguing that kids don’t play with cardboard isn’t it? I mean, I’m not going to say it’ll be successful. I have no idea. I don’t think anyone can it’s so weird and out of left field. But kids don’t play with cardboard? HA.

  7. I think that idea could have potential for future games. Complex peripherals without insane price tags. Could lead to some creative ideas. I mean, I’m an adult, but I’m tempted by this because I think that my Dad and I could have a lot of fun building these and then having the controls grounded in something that people know in real life.

    1. Just imagine you have a kid (that is, if you don’t actually have any), you enjoy playing your Switch with your kid, but she/he is to young to really do well on your older audience games.
      So you get the Labo. You spend some quality time with your child helping them build the accessories, and not only did they get that quality time, but they get games with more imaginative controls too.
      Or at least that’s how I see it.

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