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Germany: The Nintendo Switch Has Sold 600,000 So Far, Selling Faster Than The Wii

The Nintendo Labo was announced today, but the Nintendo Germany press release for the Labo has an interesting announcement about Switch sales that we didn’t know until now. According to Nintendo Germany, the Switch has “sold more than 600,000 consoles in Germany so far, better than any other Nintendo TV console in the same period – and has thus also overtaken Wii”.



  1. Off topic but I finally beat Donkey Kong Country 1! (though not 101%). I was never able to do it when I was kid (but somehow I did beat Super Mario Bros at 4 to 5 years old). I already beat Donkey Kong Country 2 on Game Boy Advance some years ago which is my favorite DK Country game. DK Country 3 is my next target (Once I buy it in the 3DS e-shop).

    1. It has surpassed the Wii U in less than a year and since it has been some time since the last 2D Zelda we may see a new one for the Switch soon.

      1. I do not think it is a good idea to release a 2D Zelda soon. They should make a sequel of Kid Icarus, the 3DS version was awesome, the controls a bit overwhelming at times though.

  2. @etikasboyfriend I’m planning on buying it because I’m interested in Kid Icarus 3D (though not a fan of the stylus, but what I have seen of this game has liked me. I hope they include the option of using the control stick in the next Kid Icarus.

    1. Europe is Sony territory, Nintendo has had it rought in the recent past over here. The Wii U failed spectaculary, I don’t have any numbers, I wouldn’t be surprised if the WIi U didn’t even sell 600,000 lifetime in Germany. After the complete failiure of the Wii U it’s great to see NIntendo is doing much better with the Switch – growing world population has nothing to do with it.
      And FIY Germany has a very VERY slow population growth. There’s a shockingly low amount of babies born in here. Statistically every mom in Germany has 1.5 babies and even though that’s already an improvement, it’s still below european average.

      So… yeah, Germany is probably one of the worst examples for skyrocketing population growth. Therefore, your argument is invalid. :)

      1. well you could argue the same about the japanese market with it’s population decline rate. Shrinking growth since 1972 caused Japans population to decline yearly since 2010. Germany has hickups and is even recovering for the last seven years (not counting refugees). The Wii U sold around 750.000 units lifetime in Germany.

    1. Cheers for Nintendo! Now we just need a 3D Donkey Kong from Retro Studios which is very possible to happen since they are in charge of the DK franchise.

    2. We need more 3D platformers in the Switch as we only have Mario Odyssey and Yokalaylee. I hope to see a new 3D platformer IP inspired in Banjo from either Next Level Games or Greezo.

    3. Yes, its unfortunate that you can’t be with Nintendo. I hope Nintendo buy the Banjo franchise to rescue you and the others from Microsoft.

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