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More Outfits Will Be Coming To Super Mario Odyssey After The February Update

Super Mario Odyssey fans will be pleased to know that more outfits are coming to the game after those seen in the new update. Nintendo has also announced more snapshot Mode filters are coming too. These new costumes are planned to be added in February and beyond, so more of them will be unveiled in due course.

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19 thoughts on “More Outfits Will Be Coming To Super Mario Odyssey After The February Update”

  1. What about new Kingdom DLC huh? I’ve already gotten all 999 Moons so costumes aren’t really enough to keep me going back for any real amount of time.

    1. I’m on the same page as are many others, but at least this new balloon mode will add replay value that Odyssey was kind of missing. Gives us a chance to revisit every inch of each kingdom again.

    1. I remember it. I really wanted that in the future they make power stars that are only possible with this power but they wasted the opportunity which is sad as they could have done different things with this power.

    2. And also a Galaxy themed level to travel in between huge planetoid platforms with Rosalina cameo on top of that Soar Mario power up use to travel between places to collect stuff and sight seeing space. :)

    1. And get use to it because there won’t be a Sunshine 2 or remake. I don’t wanna waste time beating the game again for a fucking postal card troll. lol

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