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Japan: The Bayonetta Non-Stop Climax Edition Is A Limited Run

Lots of people have been lusting after the Bayonetta Non-Stop Climax Edition due to the fact that it contains a physical version of Bayonetta 1 and not a download code. The special edition is only available in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and has been highly sought after by collectors and importers. News has spread today that it will be a limited run and copies won’t be reprinted. Most Japanese sellers have sold out, so your best chance of getting a copy is probably eBay.




  1. Ah yes. The excuse Nintendo goes with when they don’t feel like restocking an item people are still trying to buy from them. At least open up something on your Nintendo online stores that allows people to order the item they want that you aren’t gonna restock directly FROM you. You guys stand to make more money that way as it does two things: 1. it cuts out the middle man & 2. it also cuts the costs of restocks as instead of making hundreds and hoping they all sell out, you just make enough for the people that are ordering them. So if demand for the item dies, you don’t lose out on money from the unsold stock just laying about at stores.

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  2. Shame that European version has first game digital download only.
    Though I’m buying the special edition for the swag only, I already “pre-ordered” both games from eShop.
    Might gift the download code for first game.


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