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The Mummy Demastered On Nintendo Switch Gets A Hefty New Update

WayForward has been hard at work on improvements to The Mummy Demastered on the Nintendo Switch. The team says that the latest update brings with it a smoother framerate, HD Rumble, shorter load times and also a re-balanced death mechanic. You can view all the changes to the game (which are available now via a patch) below:

The Mummy Demastered has been updated with a smoother frame rate, shorter load times, and re-balanced death mechanic! Switch version adds all new HD Rumble!

This update includes:

– Initial load time has been drastically reduced.

– HD Rumble added to Nintendo Switch version

– Revamped the death mechanic:
> Health Packs regained from Undead Agents default to full
> Weapons Regained from Undead Agents have more ammo
> Undead Agents health more fairly balanced, based on number of Health Packs they are holding

– Health drops are more fairly balanced

– Spawn Frequency of Bats, Ravens, and Spiders re-balanced

– HP of all bosses has been re-balanced

– Game performance greatly increased


28 thoughts on “The Mummy Demastered On Nintendo Switch Gets A Hefty New Update”

      1. I don’t need to like the movie to like the game. I haven’t even watched the movie. The game is great. And Bloodstained or Metroid Prime 4 won’t be here for quite a while yet. Not to mention that they’re completely different kinds of games, anyways. The Mummy Demastered has some of the best pixel art I have seen for years and the gameplay is somewhere inbetween Metroid and Castlevania (it has some exploration, but also tough enemies). Sure, you could play another Metroidvania game. But that’s basically a point you can bring up for just about every game in existence.
        “Why wait for Bloodstained or Prime 4? You can play Samus Returns right now!”
        “Why play Samus Returns when you can play AM2R?”
        “Why play AM2R when you can play Super Metroid?”

    1. What is your problem?! If people like the game it’s their business. I couldn’t care less about the movie but I really enjoyed this game and 100 %. I’ll still go back to check out the changes though.

    2. I really dig your logic fallacy that the game is shit, because the movie was a train wreck. I’m guessing critical thinking isn’t your strong suit.

      Wayforward make brilliant games, and this is no exception. It has great artwork and design direction, and the game has super tight controls. It’s like a perfect mash of Contra, Castlevania and Metroid.

      As for movie that killed the Dark Universe before it started, well that’s actually Dracula Untold. This movie was the second attempt to start the Dark Universe, and they were going to reboot Dracula right away. So on top of having a logic fallacy, you’re also incorrect with your assertion that this movie killed it before it started, as that happened before this movie.

      1. Who said anything about this game being crappy? All I said was this game is obviously ignored because it’s based on that shit failure reboot movie and because of that, there’s no point of recommending this, Wayforward or not. On top of that, I hardly doubt this sold significantly “okay” since I didn’t hear any other news besides it’s existence.

      2. Who said anything ab- ??
        *points finger at pbj89
        You did, in your very first comment!

        Personally, I think the game actually looks really good, hearing it has a fan-base will probably push me to buy.

  1. The update sounds nice. The game way very nice, but sometimes a bit too punishing. The only easy way of recovering health was to farm health drops from enemies, but that took forever. I feel like there should have been some refill stations or something like that (basically, the only means of completely refilling your health in the game is to collect a health upgrade, and those are limited in quantity).

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