Nintendo Ranked 2nd In Metacritic’s Top Rated Publisher Of 2017

Nintendo had an extremely strong year last year with hardware sales coupled with great software. Metacritic has produced its 8th annual game publisher rankings and Nintendo has come in second, beating the likes of Sony and Microsoft. They were only bested by Bethesda. Here’s what Metacritic had to say about Nintendo in 2017.

“Nintendo once again released more distinct titles than any other publisher, while somehow managing to boost its average Metascore (and overall ranking) above the already admirable figures for the year before. The gaming giant was also the only publisher to achieve a 90+ score for three different titles in 2017. That group includes new Mario Kart and Super Mario installments as well as our 2017 Game of the Year, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. All three of those games were released for Nintendo’s new Switch console—a massive hit that managed to out-sell its predecessor, the Wii U, in less than a year. In fact, Nintendo’s Metascore average for its Switch releases was 80.0, compared to an average of 75.5 for its 3DS games.”


Thanks to Mo for the news tip!



    1. 1, 2, Switch and Mario Party Top 100 both fell flat and there were several others that only scored okay. Having the most high quality titles doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the best overall score. Bethesda didn’t release any *bad* games, so it makes sense their average is better.

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      1. Nintendo is also the only console manufacturer providing most of their console’s major games. Considering the sheer amount of games they are publishing/developing, it’s really impressive. But yeah, Nintendo had a few bad or average titles (mostly 3DS games) that got swept under the rug afterward.

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  1. Congratulations to Bethesda for being #1 & to Nintendo for being #2 on Metacritic’s website! I don’t think either is the #1 or #2 publishers in 2017 but my opinion doesn’t matter. The majority on Metacritic has spoken and they have said Bethesda is the top publisher for 2017 with Nintendo at #2.

    My question is, who’s #3?


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