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RollerCoaster Tycoon & Atari Flashback Classics Are Coming To Switch

Atari, a global interactive entertainment group, will be present at the Game Developers Conference (“GDC”), one of the largest annual events in the video game industry, to be held from 19 at March 23, 2018 in San Francisco. On this occasion, it will announce the schedule and modalities for the launch of Ataribox and will continue to develop its blockchain partnerships.

At GDC San Francisco, Atari will take stock of recent developments and development opportunities as part of its strategic activities. These activities were selected taking into account their development potential for the Atari brand, the Group’s expertise, an attractive “Risk / Return on Investment” coefficient, and the complementarity of audiences and sectors. By limiting the number of activities and optimizing complementarities and partnerships, the Group favors growth and profitability.

“We have made significant progress in each of our strategic businesses, and we continue to grow with a long-term vision, including with Ataribox or blockchains. These recent blockchain agreements demonstrate the strength of the Atari brand, which remains a key asset for positioning us in fast-growing technology sectors, “ said Frederic Chesnais, Chief Executive Officer and Atari’s largest shareholder. “As part of the GDC Conference, we will continue to explore opportunities in these areas and strengthen our partnerships. The Atari blockchain platform, online casino games using crypto-currencies are the very first stones of a unique construction, at the crossroads of Technology and Entertainment “.

  • Video games: new franchises and catalog extension

Video games are the DNA of the Group, with the Atari brand and the catalog of intellectual property rights of more than 200 games. This historical Atari activity covers the exploitation of successful games and the development of new franchises.

The GDC will be the opportunity to meet its partners and announce additional opportunities, in particular for the following products:

  • RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch on mobile has now reached over 13 million downloads and continues to grow with recent licensing agreements with Asian partners to launch the game in China, Japan and Korea, based on a version specially adapted to the particularities of each of these countries;
  • Transit City Touch , a transport simulation game, is in test phase in Australia and New Zealand with an attractive cost-per-hire rate compared to an established franchise; this game will be launched globally in the next quarter;
  • Tempest for PlayStation 4 and PC, which will also be available worldwide in the summer of 2018;
  • New franchises are being developed for the Nintendo Switch (including RollerCoaster Tycoon, Atari Flashback Classics); these games will be distributed by partners from Christmas 2018.
  • Blockchains: Development of Atari Token and Crypto-Casinos

The working meetings held during the last blockchain agreements confirm the relevance of the Group’s strategy for the creation of such a decentralized platform giving access to any form of digital entertainment, ie a very wide range of video games movies and music. This platform will operate using a cryptocurrency, the Atari Token, being launched.

A first step has been taken in the field of crypto-casinos. Atari mobile casino games, in real currency, are now available in Europe from distributors when the regulations allow (these games are not available in France). The Atari Group is now working on the second part of the partnership with Pariplay, Ltd, namely the integration into these games of most crypto-currencies currently in circulation. To broaden the appeal of these new casinos, and once the Atari Token available, Atari intends to launch the Pong Token, a second Token dedicated to crypto-casinos and usable on these gaming sites.

The GDC will be an opportunity for the Atari Group to pursue the study of additional opportunities with the Group’s traditional pattern of capital acquisition in exchange for an Atari trademark license and cash disbursement. very limited for the Group.

  • Atari Box: Final Calendar Announcement at GDC San Francisco

The Atari Group has used the last few months to add new features, review the entire launch checklist and conduct a new series of technical reviews with industry partners, including Flextronics. The Atari Box will work with a chip specially designed by AMD.

The final schedule and the launching modalities will be revealed during the GDC. The decentralized blockchain platform and the Atari Token will of course be available on the Ataribox.

For more information, log on to

  • Upcoming agreement in eSports and geographic developments for online casinos

A capital agreement in the field of eSports will be announced shortly, the Group taking a stake in the capital of a platform and receiving royalties, in exchange for an exclusive license of certain games over 5 years. Tournament mechanisms will also eventually use blockchain technology.

Finally, the Group is studying the possibilities of developing online casino licenses in new territories, particularly in Central and South America.

  • Multimedia Production (Atari Studios)

The Group continues its efforts with various TV and film projects, mainly in the form of licenses and partnerships. The GDC offers the opportunity to meet the various partners with the goal, in the long term, to exploit Atari’s portfolio of more than 200 games in different media.

The agreement with Scott Sternberg, an experienced producer [1] for the development of “Million-Dollar Pong”, a new global TV show based on the world-famous game, illustrates this strategy put in place by the Group.

  • Licensing activities

The Atari Group continues to exploit its catalog as part of traditional licensing activities (toys, joysticks , general merchandising ) while innovating with products such as mini arcade games.

The GDC will be the opportunity to continue these activities generating royalties without disbursement of cash, the Group reserving the possibility of directly integrating one of these activities when a direct operation would significantly improve the value of the Group’s business. Atari.


In June 2018, the Atari Group will publish the annual accounts for its 2017-2018 fiscal year (April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018) and its outlook for the 2018-2019 fiscal year (April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019).

The Group continues to value the Atari brand and the intellectual property portfolio in the strategic activities mentioned above, while developing new activities through licenses and partnerships. From the financial point of view, the objective is the profitable growth of the Group.

Source: Atari PR



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