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Splatoon 2 X Rank And Version 3.0 Explained

The official Splatoon 2 Tumblr account is back in action and this time around the team have explained the X Rank and have provided more details about Version 3.0. To read the full details head on to the blog right here. Here’s some important bits from it:

“X Rank is an extremely challenging Ranked Battle experience targeting the best of the best players. Players who are S+10 and above in the current ranking system will be re-registered as X Rank.

Players who have ranked up to X Rank will battle for X Power rather than the Rank Meter. Players with similar X Power levels will be matched together even within the same rank of X Rank. Once a month, for each of the 4 different Ranked Battle modes, 500 players with the highest X Power will be announced on SplatNet 2.

Also on SplatNet 2, for each weapon, we will announce one player that had the highest X Power compared to other users of that weapon. This way, players can see others that use the same weapons they do.

Along with the monthly ranking announcement, X Power will reset to “Calculating” status. During the time of the reset, players whose X Power ended up lower than a set threshold will rank down to S+9. However, if X Power drops far enough, players may rank down to S+9 on the spot rather than at the time of the reset.

Along with the monthly X Power reset, we anticipate the following changes:

Change in Weapon and Stage Additions

Up until now, new weapons have been added approximately once a week, but moving forward, it is more likely that a batch of several weapons will be added once a month.

Furthermore, stage additions are more likely to debut once a month at the time of the monthly reset.

Ranked Battle Stage Limitation

Currently, over 20 stages are rotated across 4 different battle types in Ranked Battle mode. This allows players to enjoy playing a variety of stages, but it takes an extremely long time before a specific battle type and stage combination reoccurs. This may keep players from mastering their strategy and achieving even more high-level play.

After Ver.3.0.0, the Ranked Battle stage roster will be limited to 8 per battle type. Then, at the monthly X Power reset, the stage selection will refresh to a different set of 8.

Turf War and League Battle will retain all stages in rotation.”




    1. The ranked stage rotation will have a pool of only 8 stages per month and game mode, as a hypothetical example, in the month of May, Splat Zones will be only playable in, let’s say, Goby Arena, Snapper Canal, Port Mackerel, Arowana Mall, Moray Towers, Manta Maria, Walleye Warehouse and Kelp Dome, at the end of ranked season, a different set of 8 stages will make up the new pool for the Splat Zones ranked stage rotation.


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