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Koei Tecmo Says The Fatal Frame Franchise Is One Of Their Most Valuable IPs

The team over at Koei Tecmo, who are responsible for the Japanese horror series Fatal Frame, were recently interviewed by Siliconera. The developers say that the franchise is one of their most important IPs and that we should expect an announcement when they feel the time is right.

One series we haven’t heard about for a while that has a passionate fan base is Fatal Frame. Are there plans to continue this series?

Koinuma: This series is currently being serialized in a manga [in Japan]. We don’t have new information about the series at the moment, but as Koei Tecmo we believe this is one of our valuable IPs. When the time is right we will make an announcement, please be patient for it.



  1. An uncensored port of Fatal Frame 5 from the Wii U would be nice. If I get a new Switch, it’ll definitely be one of the games I buy for it when I have the chance. If I can recover my other 4 games (BotW, Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors, & Xenoblade Chronicles 2), I can add this, the Bayonetta games, and Metroid to my list of games to buy for the system.


  2. I’d like to see them port Maiden of Black Water. Loved it on Wii U. It might lose some of the nice Gamepad features in translation, but I’d still be willing to double dip if it was done right. But obviously I’d prefer a new game at some point.


  3. I have every Fatal Frame game except Fatal Frame 4 because of it only being released in Japan and the Wii had region lockout. I’d love to see FF4 ported to the Switch and a new game for the system. C’mon Fatal Frame 6!

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  4. Fatal Frame is one of the only reasons my friend and I still boot up my Wii U. Any Fatal Frame on Switch would be fantastic!

    As long as you bring back yuri’s zero suit, that is 😎


  5. One of the best survival horror franchises ever made. Still mourning the absolute shit-show that Konami wrought over Silent Hill, but here here, I would absolutely buy Maiden a second time on the Switch and I’m all in for a new addition to the series!


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