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Rumour: US – PlayStation 4 Was Top Console During February 2018 And Outsold Nintendo Switch By 30%

The NPD numbers are due in anytime now but a known data leaker may have revealed the results already on Reset Era. It seems that the PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console in the United States during the month of February 2018. Sony’s popular system apparently outsold the Nintendo Switch by thirty percent which is quite an achievement.

The relative sales volumes of game hardware (incl. SNES Classics) was:

  • PS4: 1.3
  • Xbox One: 1.11
  • Switch: 1
  • Others: 0.49
  • 3DS: 0.37

On the software side:


24 thoughts on “Rumour: US – PlayStation 4 Was Top Console During February 2018 And Outsold Nintendo Switch By 30%”

  1. more fake news from the ponies, they are desperate seeing the switch succeed, and we all know those gringos prefer PS anyway

  2. Makes sense. No big Switch releases vs. the huge success of Monster Hunter World.

    Still a good month though.

      1. Let’s not act like your reason for not believing this is anything other you not wanting it to be true. If this rumor said the opposite, you’d be all over it lol

        1. Like I said, rumors. Not even I would buy it if it’s good news for Nintendo. Besides, it’s only one month they somehow manage to outsell the Switch compare to..IDK, 11 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS SINCE RELEASE. XP

  3. There isn’t a single system seller with a release date for this year yet, so we’re not going to see competitive sales until Fire Emblem, Smash, and Pokemon (if it hits 2018). There are decent titles coming between then and now, but nothing that will move consoles.

  4. PS4 got really good games releasing soon so switch is going to have a tough time competing against it. But the beauty of the switch is it’s handheld component so people will still buy it just for that even if there aren’t major games releasing the first half of the year.

  5. Not surprising. I love my PS4. Except for when I first tried installing Assassin’s Creed Origins, and for some reason it screwed the console up and deleted all saves (including photos and videos). I still don’t know what happened. Nintendo needs to take some tips from Sony (for once) and allow video recordings in games just like the PS4. Though that will never happen on the Switch, with it’s puny memory.

    1. That’s unlikely to happen. One of the reasons that Sony can provide that feature is because each PS4 has 256-512MB of dedicated memory that’s separate from the 8GB to allow for that feature. Since Switch has only one RAM pool and Nintendo’s video capture implentation just grabs the last 30 seconds of gameplay when you press the button, game capture can effect performance and battery life of games and will use up some of the memory allocated to the game. That’s why the Switch needs to have it off by default and have it enabled by the dev.

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