Nintendo Switch

Diablo 3 For The Nintendo Switch Gets A Retailer Listing

We’ve heard rumours for quite some time that Activision Blizzard is looking to unleash the mighty Diablo 3 on the Nintendo Switch. Respected publication Eurogamer recently said that they had heard from their sources that the rumour is indeed true and the game is coming. Now retailer Cool Shop has put up a listing for the game. Now all we have to do is wait for Activision Blizzard to confirm it and provide us with a release date.




      1. ||Whatever they put in from Metroid is irrelevant, it is all good, except the virus…||


  1. I’m thinking, if the game was coming, it would have been on the last Nintendo Direct.
    The rumor was already circulating back then.


      1. You really think a port of a game originally from 2012 is e3 material?
        I guess it could be one of those, “look at this plethora of shit coming to Switch soon” between the bigger announcements.
        To me it would be the same if they announced it on Twitter, maybe even better.


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