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New Sonic Mania Plus Details Emerge

As you have probably heard by now, Sonic Mania Plus on the PlayStation 4 appeared for some users of the original game as SEGA accidentally updated the game on the system giving some players access to Sonic Mania Plus. A few of the users that manage to grab the update file have reported the following:

  • All the levels have cutscene transitions now
  • One boss fight has been revamped
  • Use unlockable abilities like the Insta-Shield, Peel-Out, etc., on Save Game files
  • Disable the time limit for stages from the options menu

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  1. This isn’t Sonic Mania Plus though just a patch, it GIVES you the option to go to the store to buy Mania Plus but this update isn’t it more like a patch that needed to fix a few things fans complained about for a while now myself included and this update should’ve come out right before Plus itself released.


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