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Metroid Inspired The New God Of War On PlayStation 4

The latest God of War was recently released for PlayStation 4 and was met with high praise from all corners right out of the gate. Sony’s critically-acclaimed game drew inspiration from a number of iconic video game franchises, including Nintendo’s very own Metroid series. To learn more about some of the games that influenced God of War’s design, you can check out the video below:

18 thoughts on “Metroid Inspired The New God Of War On PlayStation 4”

  1. Metroid is probably my favorite game series ever created…so I should probably pick up God of War 4 if it’s inspired by metroid and has gotten excellent reviews already…

    1. Eh, I was never really interested in any of the God of War games.

      When I heard about the recent game being released I was just like: “Oh, they’re making another God of War game. That’s cool I guess.”

      I heard great things about it though and from what I’ve heard, it sounds like a Game of the Year contender. Maybe I’ll play it when it goes on sale; I already have a good amount of games I need to play.

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  3. Haha my beloved Metroid ;p … I do want to play this but as I have not a ps4 I wait for my mate to buy it then I’ll borrow his console for a few days… Do I also detect wind waker aswell???…
    I wonder if this game would have the high praise if it didn’t look like it does? Lol

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  5. Selective-citing here. The actual creative-director speaks about the Metroidvania-dynamic being at the core of how he approaches game development in general. He talks more about Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night than he does Metroid. Seems like Nintendo fanboys are so shook about the masterpiece that Sony Santa Monica put forward and are so much into Nintendo idolatry that they cannot handle the fact that a non-Nintendo company made this game. So they have to try and elude to Nintendo “influencing” God Of War 4 basically saying it couldn’t have been this good without influence from a Nintendo IP. Fanboys are so obtuse.

    There is NO SUCH THING as an original-concept. Everything you see in entertainment is borrowed and or copied from something else and that includes NINTENDO. So what? There is any number of 1970s sci-fi films that Nintendo copied elements from to make Metroid. Big deal. Doesn’t mean you enjoy it any less. Some of the biggest cartoon franchises of the 1980s like Transformers and Voltron were completely different fledgling toy-lines and anime series in Japan. Hasbro and World Events Productions bought rights respectively and turned them into worldwide multi-million (and in the case of Transformers multi-billion) dollar phenomenons.

    Just accept God Of War 4 is a masterpiece. Give Sony Santa Monica the credit they deserve without trying to tack Nintendo onto to it somehow, and DEMAND that Nintendo give you a similar-experience with Metroid Prime 4 AND whatever Retro Studios is working on.

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