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Nintendo Firmly Believes Nintendo Switch And Nintendo 3DS Can Coexist Together

We have already heard that Nintendo plans to support the Nintendo 3DS in 2019 and beyond which came as a surprise to some people, given the release of the Nintendo Switch in March 2017. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has told investors that both systems can coexist together. Sales of the Nintendo 3DS remain strong despite being older hardware and it has received numerous revisions and is likely to have some more. Here’s what Mr. Kimishima had to say about the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.

“Consumers purchased Nintendo 3DS systems in numbers we expected last fiscal year. It has an ample software lineup at a price point that makes the system affordable especially for parents looking to buy for their kids. We expect that demand to continue during this fiscal year as well, so we will continue to sell the product.

Given that Nintendo Switch is a home gaming system that can be taken on the go, this situation may change if it grows from being a one-per-household system to a one-per-person system. But the price of Nintendo Switch is not something with which most parents would buy a system for every one of their children in a short period of time. Moving forward, we will work to ascertain what kinds of play people want at which price points, and as long as there is such demand, we will continue to sell the Nintendo 3DS system. I see the product coexisting with Nintendo Switch at this point in time.”


34 thoughts on “Nintendo Firmly Believes Nintendo Switch And Nintendo 3DS Can Coexist Together”

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  2. and not one blockbuster 3ds exclusive was announced since the first spouted this. I also love that they are still continuing to support the switch as a third pillar with the wiiu

  3. Key words: “Given that Nintendo Switch is a home gaming system that can be taken on the go, this situation may change if it grows from being a one-per-household system to a one-per-person system.”

    This will happen post Pokémon.

    1. Their next handheld will be a gaming system you can take to home.
      I really think they should make cheap switch sku (or one with improved battery life) as a handheld system without dock if they could sell it for 200-250€.

      Once they can start selling Switch for less than 250$, they can start pumping out special editions that people will buy just because.

  4. ladyrosalina and Mike S = the reason there aren’t blockbuster games on 3DS is because games like Breath Of the Wild and Odyssey AREN’T handheld type games.

    Its appealed to a different audience that wants console quality games more than traditional handheld games. Thats what they mean. 3DS only owners would be extremely intimidated by the types of games Switch offers after playing 3D Land and Link Between Worlds.

    1. 3DS Has ports of two full mainline Zelda in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Not a soul among the several million who bought them was “intimidated”.

      1. Majora’s Mask and Ocarina aren’t close to the scale of those games although they were on N64 the scope between them is extremely different (especially Majora’s). I think you’ll find Switch has appealed more to Vita owners. Its placing a far greater emphasis on AAA games than DS and 3DS were.

      2. Well if you want scale you’ve got your Pokémon and your SMT. All longer and more thorough games than most things you can find on Switch.
        The point in mentioning OoT is the style of game, it is very much a grand “console AAA” experience, because it once was. A proof of concept that there is no absolute need for handheld type games.
        “Vita owner” is a word I rarely hear in plural term, but unless you count remote PS4 play it has zero focus on triple A games. You get nothing bigger than Persona, and several of its best games are of the lighter kind you would (and often do) also find on other handhelds.

      3. Nintendo themselves are pretty much pimping Switch as an AAA system. It isn’t just Odyssey and BOTW, the majority of exclusives they have announced are console games. You can spin it all you want but its the truth. Its hit a different group than what DS and 3DS did. The fact I suggested to make a 2D overworld Zelda on another website got met with laughs and giggles and the fact you see a Kirby fan on YouTube showing why Kirby could have been a lot more ambitious proves it.

        Nintendo aren’t changing people’s perception of how we think of handheld games or whatever. Switch is the Vita successor no matter how much you try and spin it.

      4. Oh I don’t argue Switch is being pushed as a home console, but Vita was not. It’s hard to “succeed” a console that never got any sort of hold besides.
        If you were to say Switch accomplished what Vita was trying to do that would be more reasonable, but fact remains Vita games are mostly small scale and incomparable to full console games, so that’s pushing a misconception at best.

    2. They can still have block buster games if they are going to continue to support 3ds.
      New MARIO side scroller platform game, Metroid 2d ( a new one), new top down Zelda, even a new MARIO kart.
      There’s loads they could do if there going to support it properly!

    3. Then where’s new games like ALBW and SM3DL? This is pretty much what I meant.

      Hint: they’re not coming.

        1. Detective Pikachu is also a spin-off so it’s not on the same level as the two games I mentioned.

  5. This tells me they are definitely planning on announcing the 3ds replacement in 2020 if they’re going to support it through 2019. It’d be great if it was a Switch mini and was fully compatible software-wise, just at a lower-resolution than undocked Switch.

    1. Pretty much the only thing that would make sense. Another dedicated handheld with its own games would confuse people. Especially with typical handheld franchises moving to Switch.

  6. “…it has received numerous revisions and is likely to have some more.” It seems there is a posibility of a Super 2DS to happen, which is something I’m hoping for.

    1. I honestly don’t know what another revision could possibly be. They already have the super cheap model along with the mid and high tier models, the latter of which is not selling so well in my experience.

      1. They could go HD, and OLED. Updated NVidia chip.
        They can do like on Xbox one X and just release HD patches.

        Then eventually the 4K docked switch

  7. I forgot to mention that if a new version/successor happens, I hope that it has two SD cards slots.

  8. I certainly believe they can. I love both systems and they each bring something unique.

    People really take the 3DS’s 2-screen system for granted. It’s something Switch games can’t replicate.

  9. LoL no. They said this exact same thing about the Gameboy when the 3ds came out, and then they dropped support for it instantly. “3 pillars of our company”

    Hahaha. Rip

  10. Really hoping for a 3DS HD. Kind if like a Xbox one X. Can support updates for HD, HD cameras, better 3D, browser, can record photos and video, Bluetooth, and maybe OLED. Keep it relevent and fresh.
    Just release patches for HD and maybe HDR

  11. I personally would like a region free 3ds with world of gaming is pretty bad. even the xbox and playstation have 1 tb and are affordable.

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