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Capcom Set To Release Two “Major” Titles By March 31st 2019

Capcom has revealed to investors that the company plans to launch two major video games by March 31st of next year. The company will also release numerous other titles during the time span, but it will be interesting to hear what these two “major” titles are. No doubt all will be revealed during E3 which takes place next month in Los Angeles.


12 thoughts on “Capcom Set To Release Two “Major” Titles By March 31st 2019”

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  2. YAY more re-re-re-re-re-re-re-releases of the old Street Fighter and Mega Man instead of something the community want, like MHXX outside of Japan.
    Fuck off Crapcom!

  3. Let me guess… Ultra Street Fighter V (PS4, PC) and Resident Evil 8 (PS4, XBO, PC).
    Makes me wonder why this news is featured here…. especially since Capcom is hellbent on serving Nintendo fans Shit.

    But then…. What if Deep Down has now been moved from PS4 to Switch in Devil’s Third (Ewwww) fashion? That would be an epic turn of events.

  4. When I raise my hopes up for a Capcom announcement, we usually get a new Marvel vs. Capcom game. I’ll take this with a grain of salt.

  5. I’m gonna guess it’s RE2 Remake, and maybe a new Devil May Cry or something. Street Fighter 5 was a bomb, yet they’re still supporting it with content so it’s likely not SF6. Also too soon for RE8, 7 just came out last year. And I personally hope it’s nothing to do with Monster Hunter.

    Hopefully it’s all shown at E3. I’ve been anticipating the RE2 remake since it was announced, but I’m starting to think it was cancelled. There hasn’t been a peep on it since the initial announcement. I just hope it’s done right if it’s still coming out.

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