Nintendo Switch

Hulu Live TV Guide Comes To Nintendo Switch

North American Nintendo Switch owners who use streaming application Hulu will be pleased to know that it has been updated today with a Live TV guide. The Live TV guide is not just on the Nintendo Switch as it’s also be added today for the Apple TV, Fire TV, and Xbox One. Here’s the details from CNET:

“The guide can be accessed by a “Live TV” lightning bolt tab at the top of the home screen. Rather than a full-on grid, it shows what’s playing now on five channels at a time in a vertical stack, but only the currently selected channel extends to the right to display future shows.”

The Hulu app is available right now in North America and is a subscription based app.



  1. North…..america

    It’s always the North …

    When is Hulu gonna expand to not just the North?

    Is it really so hard?

    The shows that USA have are not the same an thy are not gonna be watched or some other scuse blablabla!

    Do an experiment and put the exact same stuff for one month and let’s see if no one watches it!


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