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Huge Splatoon News Coming June 9th

It has been reported today that we are getting some “huge” Splatoon news on June 9th. What the announcement could be is anyones guess but it might or might not be related to Splatoon 2 which has proved to be a huge hit on the Nintendo Switch. We will just have to wait until next month to find out.

22 thoughts on “Huge Splatoon News Coming June 9th”

  1. 1. Live Action Movie.
    2. Instead of ink we shooting blood
    3. RPG.
    4. Elder Scroll Squids
    5. Anime series
    6. Splatoon on FIFA19
    7. COD, BF and fornite battle royal edition with squids.
    8. Splatoon Fantasy XVI
    10. Dating Simulation with your Squid waifu

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    1. I think that’s a good shout, especially with Captain Toad making the jump over. Disappointing for Switch owners, but I can’t see them announcing Splatoon3 or some more DLC.

      In saying that, ‘Shock The World’ seems overly-hyped even for a 3DS port.

      1. How ironic that you say Captain Toad is ‘jumping out’, when the game focuses on you beating it without the ability to jump.

    2. I wouldn’t rule it out. I could easily see them trying to do a 3ds platformer or something a la Hey! Pikmin.

  3. Grizzco expansion??? I absolutely love everything about salmon run . The lore, music, the enemies, everything! I think a single player adventure with Mr. Grizz as your guide as well as putting light on the mysteries of it all would be amazing.

    But it wont happen

    1. I’m all about that. I think the Salmonids are a way more interesting design than the campaign enemies.

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