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Nintendo Is Releasing A New Adjustable Charging Stand For Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced something that will allow you to “enjoy longer play sessions” on your Nintendo Switch. A new adjustable charging stand will be releasing on July 13th for $19.99. The stand allows you to charge your Switch when it is in tabletop mode. The angle of the stand can be adjusted to your liking. Here’s the tweet Nintendo made that announced it:



    1. Why would you need HDMI out on a charging dock specifically for use in tabletop mode?

      1. Its because we wanted a portable official dock, instead of tip-toeing in lava hoping our switches don’t brick with [insert 3rd party dock here]. True, this item isn’t a dock, but being that it LOOKS like one, there’s a lot of missed potential with this.

      2. Yo guys! If you want a more portable Switch Dock that you can be 100% sure won’t brick your system, look at this item on Amazon.

        All it is is a shell, and you put the electronic components from the official dock that came with your system into the much smaller shell. The Switch will read it exactly the same as the original because that is what it essentially is. It’s not even difficult to do. I have like no modding skills whatsoever and I was able to perform the transplant with little difficulty.

  1. … I only use docked mode and handheld mode. So I guess this is not for me. To those of you who use tabletop mode, you have a good looking product coming.

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