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The Japanese Mario Tennis Aces Website May Have Revealed 2 More Playable Characters

The official Japanese website for Mario Tennis Aces hasn’t received a lot of attention lately, but that’s about to change. It turns out that the website may have confirmed two more playable characters that will be in the game. Dry Bones and Shy Guy appear in official images that highly suggest that they will be playable characters. It is unknown whether Dry Bones and Shy Guy will have to be unlocked first. The two pictures, found by GameXplain, can be seen down below.


8 thoughts on “The Japanese Mario Tennis Aces Website May Have Revealed 2 More Playable Characters”

    1. My favorite has always been Power Tennis. But it’s looking like it could surpass that. They’re actually putting in effort again it seems. :) I hope it’s as good as it looks.

    2. It might be out of nostalgia, but I prefer the Power Tour and Power Tennis. The power shots really made things interesting, but the new mechanics the Switch version is adding may rival the innovation of power shots. The perfect Mario Tennis would combine the mechanics of Aces and Power Tennis.

  1. SO there’s actually more than 20 characters which means there’s a somewhat possiblity we can see Pauline make a debut in this game along with other fan favorites

  2. All previous entries didn’t do well ratings wise lol I sure hope this game is good! With lots to do and unlockable stuffs

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