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Video: Octopath Traveler – Paths Of Ritual And Research Trailer

You may have seen the Japanese Octopath Traveler trailer which was uploaded this morning, however, Nintendo of America has just uploaded the English version which is titled Octopath Traveler – Paths Of Ritual And Research. The beautiful trailer reveals the final two characters in the RPG and they are Cyrus and Ophilia. Octopath Traveler is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and is due to be released on July 13th.

“Eight stories await in a new world brought to life by Square Enix. Meet the final two travelers, Cyrus and Ophilia, explore more battle talents, and dig into details on the party system. Available July 13th on Nintendo Switch.”


  1. Thank goodness! I’m so glad I can get the whole story from a single playthrough! I was worried I’d have to play the game 8 increasingly repetitive times X_X

  2. Barring a possible Metroid Prime 4 release, this game is what I’m looking forward to the most this year.

  3. My dream game……….. A Full traveling experience with an indept lore….. Maxed Hype!

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