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Mega Man X Legacy Collection’s X Challenge Features An Original Story Mode

New information direct from Famitsu’x website has revealed that Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2‘s X Challenge mode will feature an original story mode. It’s not clear what additions Capcom will add to this new story mode but it will certainly be interesting to find out. What we do know is that the X Challenge mode allows players to battle two Mavericks at the same time. More details about all of this will be revealed later this week when consumers get their hands on the latest edition of the magazine.


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6 thoughts on “Mega Man X Legacy Collection’s X Challenge Features An Original Story Mode”

  1. I was already thinking about getting this game for my birthday, but that just sealed the deal.

  2. If what I just heard about the regular Mega Man Legacy Collection for Switch is true, I’m buying the PS4 versions instead. I heard that (if you buy the physical version of the first Legacy Collection) you have to download Legacy Collection 2 on Switch in order to have both versions. And I don’t know if the X Collections are this same way, but I’ll buy the PS4 versions of these as well if they’re like that. I swear, the Switch keeps getting the short end of the stick with everything that’s released physically. It’s no wonder why Breath Of The Wild is still the only Switch game I feel is worth owning.

    1. Why would you ever buy Megaman on any other console while you can buy it on a Nintendo console? Don’t you want Megaman to keep being on Nintendo consoles? And how is Breath of the wild the only Switch game worth owning when it’s not even a Switch exclusive?

  3. But ps4 version is too incomplete. Capcom dont give all games into ps4 blu ray. Only first half + download code for second half. This Collection is trash in every versions.

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