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The Pokemon Company: “An All-New Core Series Pokémon RPG Title Is In Development For The Second Half Of 2019”

If today’s Pokemon announcements have been disappointing to you, then the last game announcement may interest you. The official Pokemon Twitter has announced that  “an all-new core series Pokémon RPG title in development for the second half of 2019”. The game will be “in the style of X and Y and Sun and Moon”, and it’s coming to the Switch. We’ve included the official info below.

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48 thoughts on “The Pokemon Company: “An All-New Core Series Pokémon RPG Title Is In Development For The Second Half Of 2019””

      1. What would be redundant about the different stadiums, the Gym Leader Castle (we have gym leaders from gens 3-6 to catch up to), the mini-games, the Pokémon Academy, and Free Battles, all with the option of rental Pokemon?

        Not to mention new ideas that they could implement in Stadium.

  1. I might be the minority here, but I think this is great in Nintendo’s part. By doing this, they keep the mainstream fans here by announcing a core game in 2019, while still hitting the hammer while the metal is hot with Go. I’m not a Go fan but hey it will hold me over till then, and with a new Smash Brothers, we don’t really need Pokemon Gen VIII yet.

  2. with Let’s Go! aimed at a broad audience, “a core RPG for everyone”.
    I wouldn’t call simply waving the joycon to win at random encounters a core rpg
    Also, the original games were aimed at a broad audience, this isn’t. I felt turned off by the ad because I’m adverse to avocado and soymilk

    1. For the main games next year I’m sure 3DS transfer will be possible. I’m good with Let’s GO for this year as a way to get me back in the series 🙂

      1. I might change my mind about Let’s GO Eevee if the price for these games aren’t more than 30-40 bucks & if there is something new to collect from them. Like if they give Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, & Mew a Primal form and give Mewtwo a new non-Mega Evolution form. If armored Mewtwo pops up as attainable, I’m sold. Only if I can catch it, that is. If I can’t nickname it, I don’t want it.

  3. What was I thinking, I owe Emily Rogers an apology. These Pokemon GO styled Pokemon games for the Switch are just under the category of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Ranger, with the next Core Pokemon games with More Pokemon to encounter, a new region to explore, and new aspects to witness is actually due next year, lucky for us Pokemon fans.

        1. He’s right. The entire premise of her rumors was that Nintendo would reveal the mainline Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch in May 2018 which is what we didn’t get this month. So Emily Rogers was wrong in that regard. She was also wrong that Let’s GO Pikachu & Let’s GO Eevee would be the mainline game’s names. But fret not. She will still have plenty of other chances to get something right. Or wrong.

          1. In the video presentation they say these are main series games but more casual. It’s easy to see where wires could get crossed as info passes down but she still nailed this reveal. This is nothing but desperate grasping at straws to say she was wrong. Oh, and the big main games were still confirmed here 😉

            1. Remakes will never be mainline Pokemon entries. They are spin offs. Plain & simple. It’d be a different story if they were reboots, though, but they aren’t. And if I read Tsunekazu Ishihara’s words in the Q&A article correctly, even he doesn’t consider these games as mainline entries as he only considers next year’s Pokemon games as main entries.

              1. Um, every remake so far has been a mainline entry. These may be skewing casual but throughout the presentation they were referred to as main games, just not “core.”

                Just admit Emily was right with this reveal.

                1. Mainline means it progresses the series with the introduction of a new gen of Pokemon. The Let’s Go games don’t introduce a new gen as they are sticking to the original 151. So I can’t admit to what I believe isn’t right. I will concede that she COULD be right, though, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go.

                  1. Rumor: “The next games coming are Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee and these are the features.”

                    *these exact games get announced*

                    You: “she COULD be right.”


                    1. When you break the rumors down to their base point, of course she’s right. But from what I recall she was speaking as if these were the next mainline Pokemon games which they aren’t. These aren’t the Pokemon Switch games we were expecting & I’m pretty sure that included her.

                      1. And I’ve already explained that this could’ve been a case of confusion with info on next year’s games as no one was expecting two sets of games coming within two years. You really can’t give credit where it’s due can you?

                          1. Iger other info was on next year’s games that means she’s still credible. Also we’re all only human. Your example is nowhere close to how she still nailed this reveal. Man up and admit she was right.

                            1. An announcement saying the mainline Pokemon Switch games are coming in the second half of 2019 does not equal a reveal. That’s like saying that short little teaser trailer showing nothing but a name for Metroid Prime 4 to let us know it’s in development was a reveal; it’s not as a reveal requires more than just a name. In case you missed it, I’ll quote my second comment to you from last night before I signed off. “I will give her credit for what she got right like the name, some of the gameplay, & the Pokemon GO interactions. But I’ll never budge on the mainline games part. It’s not gonna happen.”

                  2. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the rumors we heard were mistakenly combined as if they were one set of games rather than two different ones. Every one assumed there was only one set in the pipeline coming soon.

          2. THIS! This is how you do it!
            “This year we are trying something a little different that we think you’ll enjoy. Don’t worry though! We have something for our hardcore fans planned for next year.”
            Everyone wins.

          3. Emily Rogers wrong again. Nothing new around here.
            She said “Pokémon Switch (i.e.: the core series) being revealed this month”. We already know that it wasn’t the case.
            So maybe people could start to blacklist her already?

          4. Why do people think next years Pokemon will be any different though? Won’t it be the same style as shown today just a new world ? I was expecting something completely new like Breath of the Wild was for Zelda , possibly open world with online other people moving around and such. After today I doubt we will get that any time soon , they keep doing the same stuff as 20 years ago just like they do with most of there franchises.

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