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Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee Are Coming To Switch On November 16th, 2018

The rumors were true. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee have been officially confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. The game will release on November 16th, 2018. Local 2-player co-op play is included, as well as the ability to “swing your Joy-Con to toss a Poké Ball and catch the wild Pokémon that appear before you”. Indeed, Kanto is returning, and the game will be linked to Pokemon GO with a “Pokeball Plus” device that will launch with the games the same day. It can be used as a Joy-Con, and “good things may happen if you place one of your favorite Pokémon into the device and walk around with it in the real world”. If you caught any Kanto Pokemon in Pokemon GO, they can be brought over to Pokemon Let’s Go. They are based on Pokemon Yellow, which first released in Japan in 1998. A trailer was released, so we’ve included it down below.


90 thoughts on “Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee Are Coming To Switch On November 16th, 2018”

      1. Well, to be accurate.

        The term “Mainline” refers to main Pokemon titles, including their remakes. Basically, anything that’s not a spinoff like Snap, Stadium or Quest. So these ARE mainline Pokemon games. They are remakes of Pokemon Yellow.

        The term “Core” refers to NEW Pokemon titles that introduce a new generation of Pokemon. That is happening late 2019.

        So I guess we won’t see Diamond/Pearl remakes for years. They might remake Pokemon Crystal next in Let’s Go! style.

  1. As FANTASTIC as this actually looks, I’m thankful it’s not a mainline game. But very excited to be playing this come November. Just hoping motion controls aren’t the only way to catch the Pokemon. Being disabled doesn’t allow me to utilize that feature. ^_^”

  2. According to the Pokémon Twitter, a brand new Pokémon game (probably Gen 8) is coming next year. I’m not really worried now that I know that’s the case. I just hope that they don’t base Gen 8 on GO as well. The removal of random overworld encounters it something I’m unsure about, but co-op is neat, plus it graphically looks great.

      1. @Kantenstain You really are pathetically persistent, aren’t you? She has her sources. That is something you can’t deny. Your an obvious troll, thus the reason I am here to laugh at you through the internet.

        (Seriously though, my dude. Just give her the credit she deserves.)

    1. Holy shit man, she said an announcement was happening this month. An actual leak outlining the features and stuff was posted on 4chan far before she said anything. You idiots keep giving her credit for doing minimal work.

      1. She did retweet the “Let’s Go Pikachu” and “Let’s Go Eevee” logos as soon as they were leaked, so she clearly knew which of the rumors were credible and which ones weren’t. After all, there were hundreds of rumors floating around, and not all of them turned out to be true, and 4chan isn’t exactly a “reliable source” as far as leaks are concerned, so if I were trying to seem credible, I defintely wouldn’t try to do that by picking up whatever 4chan is posting.

      2. Actually the 4chan leak happened after Emily’s leak, which was more than just an announcement, btw, it also noted the GO tie-ins. She also repeatedly recommitted to the May date, and a couple days ago confirmed that it would be before the 31st.

      3. No one is an “idiot” here. We just have different views on Emily as a leaker. Insults don’t make your point more compelling.

      4. your an idiot she is right all the time so how someone can have a view on her thats different is retarded and jealous

  3. Also also, now it makes complete sense why this was before E3. Maybe we get some reference to the core game there? Odds are we wait a bit longer, I think, but it’s good they showed this now so the core title and other games don’t steal its spotlight.

    1. Nintendo previously said that they would only be showing 2018 games at E3 so I don’t expect we’ll see anything from the 2019 Pokemon this year.

      1. No, they said they are focusing on 2018 games not that that is all they are showing. They said the same last year and we saw Kirby, Yoshi as well as Metroid prime 4 and pokemon announcements. I don’t think we will see it at E3 but basing it on that statement is pointless.

  4. This is the game that will bridge the gap for the ultra casual Go players that dont own a switch yet and will be perfect for children and parents to play together. The next core title in 2019 will be aimed towards the more hardcore competitive players most likely without the Go integration. If the Lets Go series sells well I can see them going this route going forward for remakes with Crystal in 2020 or 2021.

    1. I actually think this is a great way to do the remakes. It mixes things up a bit without screwing things up in the more traditional mainline games. There’s something for everyone and people like me who sit in the middle get twice as many Pokemon games to enjoy.

  5. Everything from Nintendo nowadays just has to be some retro nostalgia or very recognizable and safe game play. Starting to get tired of it. (I’m waiting to be attack by people screaming “BOTW!!!!” )

    1. Yea its not like Splatoon was original or new or anything. Or ARMS despite being an ok game, that was obviously a very recognizable and safe game play based on retro nostalgia. Or Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Totally built upon Nostalgia. Or Captain Toad, not original game at all.

      1. You’re brining up a lot of Wii U games there. Arms are somewhat new, but it’s like Wii boxing on 5eroids. But won’t argue against Arms.
        Splatoon 2 is very much the same as 1, but it is somewhat “fresh” (pun intended).
        Kingdom Battle is Ubisoft and borrows quite a lot of inspirasjon from Games like Xcom and Warhammer.

        And you’re misinterpreting me. I’m not saying they do not come with original games, but they do tend to weight a lot on nostalgia and recognizable gameplay. Odyssey(Goty 2017 for me) was a Mario 64, Donkey Kong and Mario Bros nostalgic trip. BotW used a lot of Zelda NES nostalgia in their marketing. Kirby was very recognizable. Then you have things like Mario Party top 100, and all those Wii U-ports. Xenoblade is something that was quite alright and new.

      2. How am I misinterpreting you? Your literal exact words are “Everything from Nintendo nowadays just has to be some retro nostalgia or very recognizable and safe game play”. I didn’t realize everything only meant some things

        1. You transformed “nostalgic and recognizable” to “no original games”, that’s how you misinterpreted me. I didn’t mean no original games, and meant more like played it safe and/or marked them as nostalgic. And I still think a motion boxing game is recognizable, for example. And yeah, I do still mean everything nowadays, which mean the Switch, and not the Wii U which you bought up.

          But dude, let’s not fight over this. They make great games, and that’s the most important matter.

      1. Well, it’s my opinion. I’m not stating that Nintendo is making bad games, because they make superb. I’m just saying I’M tired of everything tries to be retro, recognizable or nostalgic. Others probably like it better than I do, and that’s alright.

    2. Gotta say, growing up Nintendo and remembering all the good times I constantly yearn for that same feeling in today’s games. Heck I still get all warm and fuzzy every time I play nes or snes games to this day thatmodern games just don’t give me so I guess you can say I’m all about nostalgia. I pretty much keep wanting Nintendo to take me back to those good ol days and they seem to be the only company that still gives me those feels over and over again. Lol.

      Just making a statement here though not really saying anything about your opinion at all 😅

      1. I’m lucky as I still get those kind of feels when I play a new game that I really enjoy from a company other than Nintendo. Playing Witcher 3 on PS4, for instance, made me feel like I was playing Super Metroid, Super Mario World, or Ocarina of Time all over again for the first time. Got that feeling from FFXV, too. Also with NieR: Automata, Resident Evil 7 biohazard, every Assassin’s Creed game, & the list goes on.

        1. Yeah, that’s what I mean. It’s important to look forward with new experiences, instead of trying to convince you a game is great because it’s referring to older titles all the time. It’s cool with nostalgia ofc, like when in Sonic Generations when it was a big part of the story, but not in like every game every time xP (not saying Nintendo does it every game every time).

        2. The few sorta modern games not by Nintendo that gave me those feels was Skyrim, Diablo 3, Trine 1+2, and Kingdom Hearts lol. It’s just a lot harder to find those feels on newer games but I still enjoy gaming regardless. Just a different feeling these days. Need to try the Witcher 3 as ive heard lots of good things but I’m a broke joke most times lol.

          1. I recommend checking around once a week for any deals for Witcher 3 if you don’t mind getting it digitally. I’d imagine it gets a good deal from time to time through PS4, Xbox One, & Steam. Go for the GotY edition (obviously) if you want all of the DLC.

      2. And I respect your opinion. And I respect you for not bashing me for mine. Thank you.
        I get nostalgia is fun, and I do agree. I have my own retroblog and so on. But when “everything” is retro and nostalgia “all the time” it gets dull over time, since nothing is really nostalgic to me when you have it in your face all the time xP But again, Nintendo is making great games. I won’t argue against that.

    3. All companies play it safe now. The cost of AAA games has skyrocketed because of how expensive art assets have gotten. That means you get recognizable IPs and sequel after sequel because they’re scared to take a financial risk on a flop. If a AAA title flops, it costs millions. If you want gameplay innovation, you need to look indie, but then those guys are relying on retro because that means cheap art assets. So anywhere you go it’s going to be retro/nostalgia in some way.

      However, Splatoon 2’s small changes made for a game that was twice as good. The reworked specials in particular fixed the game for me, plus a lot of other things.

      1. Splatoon 2 was a no brainer because of Splatoon 1, but Splatoon was awesome! Something new added to the shooter formula, and it worked! Without beeing nostalgic and that recognizable :D

  6. I wish they showed the battle mechanics. Although there was footage of pokemons attacking, we didn’t see how does one attack.

    1. 1:21 shows them in co-op mode selecting attacks from a menu and beating up on the poor kids single pokemon.

    2. It looks like battle works the same as in regular core series games if the trailer is anything to go by

  7. I’m excited for it I’ll be buying since it’s a yellow remake. They didn’t show any battling when encountering wild Pokemon only when challenged by a trainer which I hope is just because they want to show off the catching mechanic, if not that would be a problem but definitely not a deal breaker. Plus they have a mainline game next year. Can’t get no better than that since I felt that a mainline game wouldn’t be completely ready for 2018

    1. Yeah I thought the same about wild pokemon battling – If they removed it it changes a lot about the balance in gameplay timing, exp grinding, and just how pokemon level up in general, so I hope they didn’t change it. That said, If they did I’m sure they thought about how that would impact the game and changed things to fit with it, which would most likely make the game considerably more casual but that seems to be the direction of this game anyway. I don’t mind that too much. Wondering what the story’s gonna be like tho if it isn’t a straight up remake story.

      1. Yea battling is more than half the game imo so those wild encounters are important. If they removed battling from the wild encounters to cater to the casuals that would be a shame. They really would have to step up the game in other aspects like story if that’s the case.

  8. Can we also talk about how terrible the box art looks? It looks like they just took the concept art for Pikachu and Eevee and pasted them onto Windows XP backgrounds.

    Hopefully that’s just a temporary cover because it’s very amateurish.

  9. Eh, it’ll tide us over until we get into the really good stuff. Looks like it’ll be fun. It’ll be cool having a sort of pokewalker again lol

      1. If it’s armored Mewtwo, I’m beating old ladies with a stick AND punching babies to get my hands on him! Of course, if I can’t nickname him, I’ll be beating Nintendo employees’ grandmas with sticks & punching their babies. *puts on shades* Nobody puts Armored Mewtwo in a corner. …And gets to see their grandmas & children again. lol

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  11. Pros: I like Gen 1 nostalgia, sue me. The Switch needed drop in co-op and this looks like the perfect time to introduce my 5 year old to Pokemon and then we can both watch the only gen 1 season of the anime that I grew up on. Pokemon are walking around in the wild. I liked Pokemon Yellow. Game Freak definitely needed more time to make a core game.

    Cons: I might have to download Pokemon Go. No fighting wild pokemon? But that may mean less grinding, or that maybe we can rebattle trainers, or that trainers themselves are a “wild” spawn in that maybe they are randomly generated wandering encounters? That’d be cool.

      1. I was trying to figure that out. There are levels clearly, but didn’t see anything about whether there was or wasn’t xp.

    1. Well during the actual conference they kept referring to it as main series but either way the game they teased last year at E3 seems to be the one coming next year to the Switch. Anything else to add? 😉

  12. I’m tired of all of this bitching and complaining about the ” Let’s Go ” games. TPC is doing this to bring more casuals to the franchise and rightfully so judging by how so many casuals still play Pokémon GO. These games are based on Pokémon Yellow thus making them remakes with Pokémon GO intergrated so I don’t see where all the drama is coming from….especially when TPC has said that the ” core Pokémon RPG ” will come next year. This was a business decision and tbh the games looks pretty fun to me even though I’m not a big Pokémon fan

    1. Seriously, I think the reaction to these games is shameful to the fanbase. Unpopular opinion I know but everyone is crying and complains about the gameplay of all things, and we’ve only just saw the very first trailer. I am not proud to be a part of this fan base.

    2. I honestly don’t get the hostility towards sharing. These “hardcore” gamers seem to have this psychological mind frame that casuals should not be playing what they enjoy but focusing on hardcore gamers alone makes you hit a wall eventually.
      PS4 might be selling well but like 3DS its sales are slowing faster than previously because hardcore gamers are only a fraction of whats out there in the larger market. Its not like Nintendo is the only one pandering to wider demographics (see Sony with VR).

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