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Pokemon Quest Has Been Announced For Nintendo Switch & Mobile Devices

A big Pokemon press conference is happening in Japan right now, and a few Pokemon games are being announced. The first announcement, which is not the previously revealed “core RPG” Switch title, is Pokemon Quest. Pokemon Quest will be coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The game is a “free-to-start” RPG with a focus on exploration and training Pokemon. Pokemon Quest takes place on Tumblecube Island, which is “known to be filled with mysterious treasures and special items”. You can get a team of up to 3 Pokemon to “battle wild Pokémon, gather treasure, and even befriend new Pokémon—if you have the right ingredients, that is”. Stay tuned, because there are two more announcements to come. One of them is the “core RPG” Switch game.


21 thoughts on “Pokemon Quest Has Been Announced For Nintendo Switch & Mobile Devices”

    1. It is, and it looks… quite odd, in my opinion? Though it should be noted that the next core title is supposed to come out later next year.

  1. Well, people wanted an open world Pokemon game and now it’s finally here! Though I don’t think anyone was expecting everything in the game to be made out of cubes…

    (That Flareon in the banner looks like a friggin’ toaster.)

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