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Rumor: An E3 Document Image Contains The Logos For Multiple Nintendo Switch Titles

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The road to E3 is always loaded with rumors and leaks. Some of them end up being true, and some of them end up being false. The latest rumor, from a 4chan user, just came out today. It provides E3 material that has logos for multiple games, including Fortnite, DragonFighterZ and FIFA ’19. What is surprising is that Kotaku and Destructoid have both stated that they believe the rumor. In fact, the latter said that “during the E3 scheduling process, we’ve received embargoed confirmation of other titles on this list”. The document image can be seen down below.


35 thoughts on “Rumor: An E3 Document Image Contains The Logos For Multiple Nintendo Switch Titles”

  1. Hate the fact that I don’t want to click on possible spoilers but I can’t resist and so I do lol with that being said I hope these titles are actually coming

  2. The list is very believable, and I will very much look forward to Overcooked 2 if it’s true, and undoubtedly indulge in some Fortnite and Paladins, as they are both free-to-play. There are no unannounced Nintendo games on that list so I hope that it is far from their complete showing!

    1. I think they probably don’t put out materials like this for unannounced first party games. They play things very carefully.

  3. Interesting… I wouldn’t doubt any of those. Fortnite would be big. Also Overcooked 2, baby! Paladins is LOL… The one thing that destroys this rumor for me is that I don’t think Mario Tennis Aces is real… I know it was “leaked” in the form of multiple official trailers… But I don’t buy it…

  4. Could well be true but all those logos are readily available across the internet as they are all from games already released or announced. If there was something new on there it would be more interesting

  5. Great news! I’ve held off on buying Dragon Ball FighterZ for PS4 cause I want it on my Switch. I just hope Nintendo’s big reveals are safe from leaks, E3 is less than two weeks away and certain things are better left off as surprises.

  6. There’s a run-sheet that leaked earlier in this What Culture video at 2:15 that I didn’t believe (because why would a digital event have a run sheet) but it had Dragon Ball, Fortnite, and Fifa 19, so maybe it’s real? Don’t want to get my hopes up…
    PS The one thing I don’t like if this is real is the “Smash Bros for Switch” title… Hoping that doesn’t make it lean to the port side of things.

    1. They’re pretty much SSB Switch exclusive to the tournament so only these games ur seeing on the paper will b playable demo booths.

  7. Dude….Mario Tennis Aces IS real!! Why would you assume it to be a rumor?? It was announced back in January, if we are talking about more secret characters, this rumor is complete and utter nonsense!

  8. Hmm, the FIFA 19 logo looks a bit different than the one posted on the article from earlier today. I don’t know. But the fact that Super Smash bros. makes me think this is another fake

    1. well its just a sheet for how many demo booths they need to put up for playable demos. SSB Switch is staying only playable in the tournament.

    1. Most of those games shown are third-party. Mario Tennis Aces is the only exception; on top of that, we’ve known about it for months. I find this sheet very believable.

      Fire Emblem may still be part of Ninty’s agenda- you know how secretive they are about their own titles.

  9. I’m thinking this one is real. If not, it’s well made.
    Not all that exciting for me personally, but I would be interested in a new Overcooked. Everything else is meh aside from Mario Tennis.

  10. Is this supposed to be the order for stands for people to play on. Cause I’m certain it’s been confirmed Smash will be playable on the floor. Also there’s no way Nintendo wouldn’t bring Yoshi, and likely FE and Bayo as they come this year; plus the staple tagalongs of Odyssey and Splatoon which are at every single event.
    There’s no way there isn’t at least one first party title we don’t know yet which will be knocking around. They’re not gonna ride everything on Tennis when it’s coming a week later.

  11. As of this moment, I’ve lost almost all interest in the Switch. But I’m always holding out hope that some games I actually like gets announced. Like Pikmin 4 and Animal Crossing, to name a couple. Everything I want these days seems to be on PS4. And they either never release on Switch, or they’re only digital on Switch (or half digital). It’s a dark pattern.

  12. Meh only interested in aces , as I’ll be playing it in a few hours I’ll see what it’s like, hopefully not shit lol… The other games I couldn’t care less about

  13. Dragonball FighterZ was rumoured a while back by the same dude that predicted the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Injustice 2 which of course came true. In addition, he also predicted the entire season 3 DLC for Street Fighter V that also came true.
    He also sort of got a couple of things right where he predicted The World Ends With You 2 which turned out to be Final Remix which is a re-release of the original game and he also said Soul Calibur VI would be announced at the Playstation Experience which did come true except instead of it being announced there was announced at the Game Awards 2017.
    So as you can see, the man does have a good track record albeit with a few small mistakes.

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  15. Honestly, fortnite is probably one of the least inspired titles I’ve played, but if it does come out for the switch, good for those who would want it. I’ve not heard of Paladins, Killer Queen, nor Starlink however, maybe I’ll check those out.

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