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Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch This Summer

Another day, another big game coming to the Nintendo Switch. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a multiplayer game. One player is stuck with a ticking time bomb, and they must rely on others to defuse the bomb and prevent it from exploding. Well, Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to join the effort to defuse bombs. It has been announced that the game will be coming to consoles, including the Switch, this summer:



  1. I’ve seen this game but isn’t it VR? I feel like it would be much easier without that headgear on

  2. But…. ‘them bombs’ just came out on Switch. That sems like the exact same game.

    1. This. Games like this will never be overly popular until Nintendo stops giving us trash online and voice systems.

    2. Uh… you just need one switch and everyone playing present in a room, since the helpers only have to download the free bomb defusing guide available on the internet :/

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