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Video: A Look At V-Rally 4 For Nintendo Switch Coming September 2018

One exciting new game coming to the Nintendo Switch is a new title in the V-Rally series. The adrenaline fuelled V-Rally 4 is coming to the platform this September and should hopefully satisfy racing enthusiasts on all consoles. Here’s the latest details along with a new trailer highlighting the action.

Experience the jaw-dropping environments V-Rally 4 has to offer as you race though all the continents in amazing new vehicles. Drift your way to first place in beautiful buggies with flawless handling. Take your journey off-road and to the track whilst leaving your opponents to eat your dust. V-Rally 4 comes out in September 2018 and will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

8 thoughts on “Video: A Look At V-Rally 4 For Nintendo Switch Coming September 2018”

  1. The Trailer says nothing about the switch. I doubt it will look this way on switch. Or maybe the switch version comes months later. I don’t want to sound to negative though maybe we’re lucky this time :)

  2. Actually there’s another trailer just like this one and in the end the Switch cover and logo appears :)
    I also thought the same thing you did but then I saw that other trailer.

  3. This isn’t “A Look At V-Rally 4 For Nintendo Switch”. This is a look at V-Rally for PC on highest graphics settings.

  4. First Gran turismo style racing game for Switch. I like it but i need see Switch gameplay trailer first. Next i must read review (gameplay must be Arcade simulation balanced). Next i buy :)

  5. Why is everybody always so nervous about these kinds of games on Switch? “Oh gee.. I’m afraid to see the Switch version, it’s going to look horrible, I just know it” Get a grip. Yes it’s the weakest console of the 3. This isn’t new, it’s still a portable device and just be glad we’re getting AAA third party modern games on it, that aren’t being built from the ground up on previous generation engines (Except cheap ass EA with FIFA) like we had to suffer on the Wii. And these games still look GREAT on Switch. It’s amazing for what it is. The game is going to look good.

    1. I am hard notorious gamer. I play everything from mine 10years. 26years in total. Graphic in games is no important. Cave story is graphicaly bad in original and 3ds version too, but gameplay, music and story is phenomenal. I like play old good Gran turismo 1 on Switch, Why not? Graphic is not important. Important is good gameplay. Real gamers play on nintendo! Why? No best graphic, BEST gameplay.

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