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(Update) Rumor: GameStop Has A Listing For Wolfenstein: Youngblood Switch

Update: GameStop now has a page on their website for it. Pre-orders seem to be live, as well.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood was unveiled in Bethesda‘s E3 2018 conference last night. However,  Bethesda never stated what platforms the game would be on. That said, it seems that GoNintendo has received word from a GameStop “anonymous source” indicating that the game may be coming to the Nintendo Switch. GameStop has a listing for a Switch version of the game in their database, as well as a placeholder date:



  1. If it’s partial digital and partial physical retail version then I’m not buying it. It makes no damn sense for these retarded companies to release game half physically and force you to download the rest! Either make it fully physical or don’t release a physical version at all!

    1. It makes complete sense. On the PC, Wolfenstein 2 needs 55gb. The max game cart size that a developer can use for the Switch is currently 32gb. Nintendo delayed the 64gb carts until 2019. If you want this game on the Switch, there is literally no other option and it’s not Bethesda’s fault in any way. If anything, good for them for shelling out the cash on each game to get the 32gb carts in order to minimize the amount you need to put on your own SD card. And no, it’s not them being lazy because “hey look Nintendo makes small file sizes.” Nintendo doesn’t use boatloads of dialogue or complex textures.

  2. If this is true, that’s now 6 games from Bethesda hitting the Switch: 4 console games & 2 phone games. Better support than EA with only 2 games from them.

      1. Can you remember which indie game? I haven’t really paid attention to any of the indie games releasing to the Switch as I rarely, if ever, clicked the email’s link to the MNN article talking about it & simply deleted the email. So I got no clue who made or published most of the indie titles.

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