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Nintendo Explains Why You Didn’t See Games Like Metroid Prime 4 At E3 2018

The Nintendo Direct E3 2018 presentation had a few surprises but not as many of some of you would have hoped. IGN caught up with Bill Trinen after the event to find out why a number of titles such as Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4, and the core Pokemon game, weren’t present at the event. Trinen explained that Nintendo wanted to focus on a shorter release window this year rather than focus on what’s further ahead.

“There was other stuff that we probably could have included in E3, but is probably a bit further out, and so we decided to really kind of keep the focus a little bit more on between now and early 2019, which I think you saw some hints of there with a couple of games,” Trinen told IGN.

“We want to show stuff when we think it’s ready to show. Obviously it’s not like we’ve stopped working on any of the things we talked about last year, that stuff’s all being worked on,” Trinen added. “We’ll just show stuff when we’re ready to show it and really, right now, the focus is on two big games in the form of Smash and Pokemon [Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu].”



47 thoughts on “Nintendo Explains Why You Didn’t See Games Like Metroid Prime 4 At E3 2018”

    1. Not many new games announced (2nd and 3rd Party excluded). It was surprising to notice that there was so little.

      Really glad that Smash is not a port though. It looks great and it’s cool how there are no cuts. Now I just have to prey they do online/solo play some justice.

  1. How to disappoint a few hundred thousand fans in a simple choice.
    Was even a CGI trailer that difficult?

      1. Smash alone is not nearly enough. Even more this being a glorified version with just a couple new characters, and Nintendo spending half of the Direct talking about pointless details.

        And they DID have games to, at least, launch a teaser, like MP4, Bayo 3, the Pokémon core game, even SMTV. To, you know, show something NEW and keep people stoked for 2019 and beyond.

        Disappointing with a capital D.

  2. So Smash and Pokémon is literally it for this year. I’m guessing Yoshi was also delayed alongside Fire Emblem.

  3. Huge dissapointment this year , first the mediocre console Pokemon with upgraded graphics no open world or anything fresh, than this presentation with 0 games I would play. (Smash brother,Mario Party was fun 20 years ago when playing with friends) No Metroid Prime 4 is the biggest joke this year specially after the whole Ridley video at the end wich would have been the perfect buildup to showing us prime 4.

      1. Except there was only 2 games and a few minor stuff
        still the worst conference of E3 this year, the pacing was horrible

      2. Mario Party is the only thing we didnt know, and smash is the only one they focused about, thats 2 to me… and a few minor stuff

      3. who cares anyway, still the worst conference for this year, 30 minutes on one game is a big no no, especially when your conference is already short

    1. A longer trailer showing off something of Metroid Prime 4 besides a name after the playable Ridley Smash reveal would have been an awesome end to an event that was 50% good & 50% bad. Still a great end but it could have been a brilliant one.

  4. I expected more, to be honest. I don’t think Smash *needed* to take up more than half the time.

    Couldn’t they have at least shown one or two shots of Prime 4? It’s been over a year, SOMETHING has to have come of it!

  5. That was a great smash direct but I can see how people will be disappointed by this being Nintendo’s E3 Direct. I can only reason that since Nintendo does Directs all year long… they can always show new stuff as their release date gets closer. It is disappointing since Nintendo did seem to put some extra UMPH into their E3 Digital Events… but I can’t complain. I love Smash and that delighted me.

  6. People still believe, E3 is the end of the year for Nintendo and they won’t show anything new for the rest? 🙄

    1. I know right! I remember the same thing happening last year when there were hardly any third party games announced for Switch and then there was a direct in September that showed Doom, Wolfenstein etc as well as other stuff. This E3 should show everyone that it is no longer the be all and end all for gaming. There were hardly any new announcements from anyone and few surprises but that doesn’t mean there weren’t lots of great games. All companies used to blow their load, sorry!, at E3 but it’s no longer like that and things are just announced and shown throughout the year. Get used to it.

      1. Except only Nintendo is treating E3 like it’s some small event. The multiple days of Treehouse don’t make up for the terrible E3 2018 Direct as it, along with the Microsoft Conference & PlayStation Showcase, is supposed to show a bunch of stuff in a short amount of time because not everyone wants to spend days watching something like Treehouse that lasts for most of the days it is active. Nintendo’s E3 isn’t bad but it’s not as great as some of you people are trying to make it.

  7. Really a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. Absolutely 0 games wich i would play or care about. Many fans… don’t like this. A mario party game…. god please we are so over that. And no animal crossing! Wich i already knew would not come. Plus the cheap indie filler garbage games wich
    In itself is ok but please do not show that on an big presentation! We don’t care! We want animal crossing!!

  8. Smash should have gotten it’s own separate direct at E3 that should have played immediately after a lengthy Nintendo E3 2018 Direct. It’s sad when Nintendo treats E3 like some small thing when it’s still a big event of the year no matter how much some people (mostly hardcore fans of their respective consoles/publishers/developers) say it isn’t. These guys combined might all be an overwhelming minority but they are still just the minority no matter how loud & vocal they get.

  9. Hypocrites! They had no problem announcing Metroid Prime 4 last year. The only reason why they didn’t announce a new F-Zero, Wave Race, Donkey Kong etc. is simply because they have absolutely NOTHING new in the making that would be worth mentioning. This is the Wii era Nintendo all over again! I mean just look at how much resources they waste on games like Mario Party, Mario Tennis, Yoshi, Kirby or that wanna be Pokemon game. They shit out new iterations of these games EVERY FUCKING YEAR!! But I have to wait 20 years for a new F-Zero. This is just sad.

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