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Inkling, Daisy, And Ridley Amiibo Announced For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The Nintendo E3 2018 Treehouse stream is currently underway and it has revealed that there will be three new amiibo for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Those amiibo are one for Ridley from the Metroid franchise, one for Daisy, and one for the Inkling Girl in Splatoon 2. Those amiibo will presumably be available once the game launches this December.

27 thoughts on “Inkling, Daisy, And Ridley Amiibo Announced For Super Smash Bros Ultimate”

  1. Ridley’s design in this game is sick. I might buy this figure if I can find it. Majora’s Mask Link wouldn’t be alone then.

  2. Let me tell you something about Daisy. I’ve been to a couple of stores when they’ve had amiibo on clearance including Toys R Us going out of business sale. The only Amiibos left in the entire store that aren’t Animal Crossing are Daisy amiibos. There is so little demand for Daisy that people don’t even want her when she’s half price.

    1. One little store doesn’t mean that’s how every store is. It doesn’t mean your town is the common denominator, either. That’d be like saying all of the United States is racist because one little town is full of them.

    1. xD Oi! Zedd! Come back! Where is your brother? Is he okay? I haven’t seen him on Discord in months, so I’m worried. Oh & remind me. Were you pro or anti playable Ridley for Smash? Me forgots.

      1. Haha not sure but he’s ok I know he’s been doing school. Was hoping you would see my comment haha I was pro Ridley cause I know you and others wanted him. I can’t claim to be a Metroid fan cause I only dabbled with the NES one but I respect the series and it’s fans. Very happy for you sir lol. Now if they can give me Dixie Kong & King K Rule I’ll be happy lol. You have a switch? I do but my friend has been borrowing for months so I gotta get it back and exchange friend codes or whatever the switch uses lol

        1. Well I did have one but it was lost in a fire back on January 6th. (Your brother should know all about the fire as I filled him & the others in his Discord server in on what happened.) I’ll be getting a new one eventually, though. Preferably before February as it’s the one month I don’t pay a yearly subscription for early in the year and I got it set out for Ninty’s paid online; my payment for Sony’s paid online is in January and I want Nintendo’s to be the following month. Got a bunch of yearly subscriptions spread out to one per month back-to-back so I don’t get swamped with them in a single month.

          1. His Discord server? Lol what is that I wanna know haha. Sorry to hear about the fire though, that really sucks. Did you have insurance? What caused it and did you live in a house or apartment?

            Sounds like you have mastered the art of bill planning haha. I don’t have many if any subscriptions that I can think of so it’s easy for me to manage luckily. Glad you’re safe from the fire by the way.

            1. *takes a deep breath & cracks fingers* Double wide trailer & no insurance. Our town is pretty awesome, though, and has helped out a lot over the last 6 months. One guy even gave my dad, the trailer that burned was his as me, my wife and kid were living with him, a new trailer; it’s not a double wide but oh well. They even fixed up the area where the old trailer use to be & our drive way. (The reason they fixed the drive way was because the fire trucks couldn’t get up the damn thing that day because of how messed up & muddy the drive way was; dad had a very bad habit of taking the truck up the hill when it rained so that part is his fault.) As for what caused it, a heater that dad left on in his bedroom on a table by his bed; a heater that had a broken leg so it was easy to knock over (So the place burning down was mostly his fault.) Luckily, my wife bought a trailer the year before with her tax refund so we all had a place to go after we stayed at a motel for a week or 2. We would have moved into our trailer she bought sooner but I was trying to save up money to fix the trailer up. Aside from losing some pets, it’s nothing that can’t be replaced (mostly.) And it worked out as the community gave us enough furniture to fill up two small trailers so the fire has been more of a blessing than a curse. (Still wish it didn’t happen, obviously.) And that’s the short version. xD Suffice it to say, the only things I managed to save of mine was my laptop, the mouse for my laptop, my n3DS, my PS4, & my Toshiba external HDD which most of my PS4 catalog of games is on (all things easy to carry out in my arms in bulk without dropping anything.) The only reason I forgot to grab my Switch was because I had it shoved under the TV stand’s mid-shelf where I couldn’t see it so I forgot to grab it, too, during the panic. Here’s the irony: it was pushed under there to protect it as my son, who used my TV stand’s top shelf as a table, couldn’t spill anything onto the Switch since it’s got a vent like right there at the top where it sticks out of the dock. lol Aside from the pets, the only other thing I regret losing in the fire was my chain wallet with a nice little dragon on it which was the first thing I ever bought with my own money. I had that wallet since 2004/2005. :/

              1. Yikes dude! That’s intense! That’s awful to hear about your pets I’m sorry dude. What kind of pets were they? Lol gonna be hard to reply properly, I can’t see what I’m typing lol. Either my phone is having issues or the site. That’s really awesome of your town to help though. Nice to know communities still come together like that. lol I used to have a chain wallet too back in the day. Sucks to hear about yours especially having it so long and being your first item bought. You seem to be keeping your head up despite all that. Sweet deal on all the new furniture. How old is your kid now?

                1. Pit bulls, a chihuahua, and a chihuahua/dachsund mix (or so we were told by the person my wife got her from.) The mix was my baby girl. She followed me around, laid in my lap, etc. She was originally supposed to be my son’s (who’s 6 now) but, as pet dogs tend to do, she chose me as her master. lol

                  1. Aw they sound like they were really cute, really sorry man. If I lost my cats I don’t know what I would do. I agree though lol pets tend to go to the adults for love not the kids.

                    1. We had only one dog that survived & only because he stayed outside 90% of the time. Sadly, some asshole ran him over like a 1-3 months after the fire. Talk about adding insult to injury, huh. :/

      2. It’s gonna be a fucking warzone when trying to get that sweet, sweet Ridley amiibo. I WANTS IT!!! Give me Daisy, too! Oh & I’ll take amiibo of Zelda’s new Smash design AND an amiibo of Proteus Ridley! A Smash BotW Link amiibo would also be brilliant!

        1. Trying to be a gamer on Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Steam, & PC machines is gonna be a killer on my wallet! And these amiibo aren’t freaking helping! D: But it’s so fucking worth it!!!

      3. My first thought was ‘who’s Daisy?’, but then it’s obvious she wasn’t in the Smash Amiibo line.
        Can’t complain with the plethora of Link around.

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