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Nintendo Has No Plans For More Splatoon 2 Single-Player, Premium Releases

With the Octo Expansion out of the way, it appears as though Nintendo might not be looking to additional single-player experiences for Splatoon 2. In a recent interview, producer Hisashi Nogami confirmed that he and his team have no current plans for more single-player, premium releases. This could potentially change depending on the reception of Octo Expansion; however, on the other hand, further efforts and ideas may instead be shifted to the inevitable sequel.


13 thoughts on “Nintendo Has No Plans For More Splatoon 2 Single-Player, Premium Releases”

  1. The Octo Expansion was money well spent. While I’d love to see another expansion I can easily see them saving the next big story for Splatoon 3 instead. And with how the Octo Expansion ended I can see the potential for an amazing story in the future.

  2. I understand Splatoon was designed for multiplayer first but the single player should have been better from the start rather than making it into paid dlc after the initial release.Now if anyone who doesn’t shill out an extra $20 for the dlc will be left completely when Nintendo start charging for online play.
    If you don’t plan to pay for online then you are stuck with the single player only, but without paying $20 for te octo dlc you are left with an extremely short campaign, either way you have to either pay $20 to play online or $20 to have a better single player experience.
    This is why I hate games that are designed for multiplayer first and single player second, if at all in many cases today, you as the consumer are always left with an inferior product in the long run.

  3. Notice how he’s focusing on Single-Player? This means all support from now on could be on Multiplayer which if you ask me is only a good thing.

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  5. idc cuz i dont do single player much. havent done hero story in forever and i just need to get all the armor from the octo ex. i already beat it. im still team woomy tho!

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