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Panic Button Says That There Are Currently No Plans To Bring Wolfenstein: The New Order & The Old Blood To Switch

This week, Wolfenstein II releases on the Nintendo Switch. However, there are many other Wolfenstein games that have yet to appear on the console. This includes Wolfenstein: The New Order, and the stand-alone prequel Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. Well, GameSpot did an E3 2018 interview with Panic Button’s Adam Creighton. There, Creighton revealed that “that’s a Bethesda discussion, honestly. It’s [up to] them and Nintendo as to what would work for the platform. I think it’ll be interesting to see how [The New Colossus is] received right after it launches at the end of the month and what Bethesda does from there”. As for whether there are any plans to bring them to the Switch, Creighton says that “Not currently. Not that I know of, but Bethesda may have other plans. And we on the Panic Button side are totally up for anything.”


19 thoughts on “Panic Button Says That There Are Currently No Plans To Bring Wolfenstein: The New Order & The Old Blood To Switch”

  1. Why does every game have to be ported to a Nintendo console , on other platforms its just multiplatform instead of a port. Might this be a Power issue , since allot of people on this website seem to claim it ain’t a power issue. Please explain why I keep reading this story for every video game thats getting released. Besides indies and shitty third party game , or games that are 1-10 years old already.

    1. Didn’t stop devs from porting games to the Wii or DS, so you might wanna stop with the whole “Hur dur, Switch needs more power” argument.

    2. Companies put their games where they see the most sales. The reason people say “power” is because Reggie said it as the reason companies ignored Wii to Geoff Keighley at E3 2011. But they are wrong.

      Game development is not determined by teh powah! Its determined by sales. If power was the issue Gamecube and Xbox would have got the best support and PSP and Vita would have got the best support. Yet all were ignored for the systems that sold more because companies didn’t care about power, they are after money.

      Third parties dig their own graves on these systems. The chances are people who are calling Nintendo out for power don’t own a Nintendo system or they would remember Mass Effect 3 launched at a premium price when the trilogy launched everywhere else for a discount. Deus Ex had a premium price while the 360 and PS3 got a budget version. Batman Origins was missing online completely. Injustice didn’t have DLC. Black-Ops didn’t have the DLC. Whenever a third party game came over there was always a catch involved and there still is on Switch.

      Revelations 2 = you need a memory card.
      Resident Evil 7 = the cloud version.
      Fifa = missing main modes.

      The list and excuses go on and on.

    3. “Please explain why I keep reading this story”….

      Because you apparently have nothing better to do than obsess over any little statement that mentions Nintendo? It’s a little stalkerish if you ask me, and creepy for someone who has no interest in Nintendo games.

      1. I own a Gameboy, Gameboy Advance , DS , 3DS , 8 Bit , Snes , N64 , Gamecube , WII with pretty much all the major first party Nintendo titles. Been playing Nintendo since 1988. So no intrest in Nintendo games?

        To all the other cry babies responding to my question , I never said Power was the reason , I am asking what other reason could it be.

        @ Haruhisailormars the only not retarded person responding to my post:

        Companies seem to hire , other companies to port there games to a Nintendo console wich costs them extra money and allot of trouble. (it might not even be possible withouth completly downgrading there game) When releasing on PS4,Xbox,PC they don’t need to hire other companies to port there game cause there all very simular platforms. If its not a Power issue than why do they have to change there games so it works on a Nintendo console?

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  3. Of course it’s a power issue and people who claim otherwise are just sheep. Although it’s not even a bad thing that it’s a power issue. I mean the Switch is a portable system with portable architecture and of course you can’t just multiplatform some huge AAA open world game and puch a button to make it run on the Switch. It’s not just the speed, the Switch is designed to consume as little energy as possible in order to have at least some batterylife. It’s designed for a device that’s an increment the size of a PS4 and the games shouldn’t exceed 20GB filesize.
    And why are there so many ports? Let’s just say, I’m playing Skyrim, a 7 year old game, on the Switch for half a year now and love every second. I chose to play that over the PS4 games I have. Why? Because playing such a game on the go, in bed, in the bathtub or on the dump is just worth porting every single game in videogame past onto that system. It makes games that needed you to sit in front of your TV or even computer accessible wherever you are. And I have the same device with me wherever I am. On holiday or at home on the TV.

    I know that’s just the regular sales pitch of this system, but it’s also the answer why everyone ports everything onto that system. Because it just makes these games accessible. Playing Skyrim on a PC VS on the Switch where you just hit standby, immediately jump into this complex world, play a few minutes or a few dozen, then hit standby, do something else and get into it later on is just amazingly cool and out of competition on that scale.

    1. Once upon a time there was this system people put a pedestal called PS2. It had pretty much every third party company and every major third party release one could imagine. The only third parties that didn’t develop for it were obligated by contracts elsewhere but rest assured it got a huge abundance of games throughout it’s lifetime. The curious thing is that 99.9% of these games stayed there for years and were only ever migrating later in life but the competing systems that got crushed were able to run them and put PS2 to shame.

      But the games never left PS2. Many remain exclusive to this very day. So its obviously not power thats the reason.

    2. Why run to consoles if it’s a power issue? Wouldn’t it be better and cheaper for people to move to PC? It seems it’s not as simple as you make it seem, I find it funny how console players want sheer power when that’s why you shat on PC gaming. But a console can’t be deemed good enough if it doesn’t have the horsepower? Fucking hypocrites.

  4. I predict it’ll be Doom Eternal as they’ve shown they can optimize better with time so we could see Doom Eternal looking and running just like Wolfenstein 2 on Switch. Also, I’d love to see what original games these guys make after they finished whatever they’re porting.

  5. I’ve played these on my mates PS4 I’m borrowing, they are awesome, way better than Doom imo… I’m getting a Xbox ONE S in a week’s time anyway so I won’t miss out on games anymore lol

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