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Square Enix’s Next-Gen Luminous Engine Scalable From Next-Gen To iPad

Square Enix has revealed that its impressive next generation Luminous Engine isn’t just for next generation consoles, such as the next Xbox and PlayStation 4. Square Enix’s chief technical officer and Luminous demo producer Yoshihisa Hashimoto said that the engine is so scalable that it can accommodate next-gen and mobile devices such as the iPad. It sounds reasonably likely that Wii U will also be able to run this gorgeous engine.

“In the case of the Luminous Studio, we’re probably not going to be bound to any particular platform.”

“The engine caters to PC already, probably PlayStation 3, Mobile, iPad tablets also browser and cloud as well. Not just next-gen – we can scale,”

“This time, a lot of power was expended on graphics because we wanted to show something really visually impressive. To be clear, it hasn’t been optimized yet. So we should be able to optimize AI, graphics, the animation, audio all those things to slot together.”

“Of course we, the team, created this engine but definitely we are going to raise the bar for AI, animation, audio and physics everything.”

“What we were using today for this demonstration it’s of course high specification, but all the parts are also things readily available in the PC market right now. The graphics board you could probably buy without driving too far from here. It’s very realistic that in the near future people can play a game with visuals of this quality.”

231 thoughts on “Square Enix’s Next-Gen Luminous Engine Scalable From Next-Gen To iPad”

    1. it will dont you worry ;) it can scale

      plus crytek have stated that wiiU can run the engine beautifully! also aliens develpper gearbox sed the machine is very powerful!

      1. … Crytek didn’t say shit about the Luminous engine. They were talking about the CryEngine 3.4. How can you mix up Square Enix and Crytek?

    2. It runs on the PS3 as stated above… The Wii U is more powerful than the PS3… so that means Square new engine will run on Wii U real easy. I still dont understand by people still dont get the fact that Wii U is more powerful than current gen (Xbox360 and PS3).

                  1. Yeah. Sonydrone or Xbot. It was hard to tell at first because all he done was talking crap about the Wii U and 3DS.

                    1. he obviously feels threatened man. Nintendo dont follow competition. They follow the beat of their own drum :P

                    2. everyone loves a peace of the reala eolous hu loves nintendo the BEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD

    1. Looks gorgeous. Hopefully Wii U will be able to handle next gen engines like this even if it has to be scaled down a bit.

          1. I mean with current gen they had scale down unreal 3, unreal are just being unreasonable, they want like, 8 times the amount a dram in next gen. Not to mention everything else thatll come with it. They just cba scaling it down, and they want consoles to stop “holding back pc”. PC’s have just gone too far eith graphics, they need to cool it, or shut up

    2. Well its sounding like those “Anonymous Sources” saying that the Wii U was going to be weaker than the current gen consoles has just been proven wrong once again. Now kids, lets sing the Irony song!

      1. lol dont forget what crytek sed aswell about wiiU running the engine beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        boooyaaa NINTENDO FOR LIFE

    3. The Square-Nintendo super team is back together! Imagine Chrono 3 w/ gamepad! Geno & Mallow in SSB 4!

      1. Obvious, Sony drone, if you have a 4K TV worth OVER $6,000, YOU STILL CAN’T FUCKING AFFORD IT!!!!! The Wii U can handle the Luminous engine as well as CryEngine3, Frostbite 2.0, Anvil Plus, and Unreal 3.9 and the possibility of Unreal 4.


          1. The wiiu will fail miserably cant you see that it’s not even stronger than playstation 3 and xbox 360?

            1. Can’t you see that your a freaking idiot troll and no-one cares what you say here?
              fuck off back to your Xbox/ps3 fanpages, noob.

            2. u obv didnt read that the head of crytek said the wii u’s power at MINIMUM is stronger than the 360 at its STRONGEST hahahaha TRY HARDER TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              1. They said “as minimum as powerful as 360”. And maximum doesn’t make it all that much better. Js.

                Logic always prevails.

                1. @Aeolus You’ve been banned for blatant trolling. I’ve been reading through your comments and you’re clearly just here to antagonise others. I already warned you previously. Bye.

                  1. There is no “bye” here. I only just came back and noticed this. Sorry, your bans are easy to bypass as the entire commenting system in itself is flawed.

                      1. What qualifies as behave?

                        Also, do you even bother with the other “Trolls” replying to my “Trolling”?

                        You’re being incredibly aloof about your gaming blog, not exactly the best of signs when more damaging trolls see the potential in derailing it.

                      2. sickr.I advice you to change to email adress coment system.Its the only way to save your blog site from the troll situation :)

                      1. I could dig up a load of comments by you contradicting this. Don’t test my patience today with lies.

                      1. It’sannoyingtoread.noneofitisentertainingeven.ijustfeelsorryforyou.maybegetajoborfriends?

            3. *Double Facepalm* Really… your taken rumours and speculation that has no trust worth facts as well facts?… *facepalm*

          1. if it cost the same as wii u than more ppl will buy wii u cause ppl like mario and zelda more than nathan drake and kratos

                  1. i want to comment something about ps series.People will soon bored with playstation because sony makes the SAME fucking uncofomfortable controller.Nintendo is releases something new in every generation.i think wiiU will win this crazy next gen console war

                      1. Still, I love Nintendo, but I also love Sony and MS, but yeah, the PS3 controller it’s a bit meh.

                      2. and the Upad has clickable joystics witch gives the gamer a perfect taste of the console

              1. Is that why 30 and 40 year olds still love Zelda games? Before you claim that Mario games are for kids try beating the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2. It’s difficulty alone makes it a “hardcore” game.

                  1. I once got home from school and my parents were playing Mario on my Wii. I’m pretty sure they aren’t virgins.

                      1. :D Nope, he’d probably make a stupid comment about my parents being a one-off.

        1. It’s true, i waited through the $600 price point, console failures and continuous hardware revisions until i considered buying a ps3. When the slim came out with 250 gb for 350, i was ok with that. But then, my controller failed for no reason, i was instructed to buy a new one, and then my credit card info was stolen. I had to pay about $120 in overdrafts from criminal activity shortly after. But it’s cool, i got ‘infamous’ out of it, so no harm done, right bro?

          Nintendo does not fuck with people in this way. And if you buy in at an entry level price point, it’s a pretty safe bet that you won’t have to spend that amount x3 or wait 3 months for repairs just to play a brand new system you just bought.

          I have been a launch day buyer many a time, and the only conpany that has never spat in my face is ninty.

          Hell, even the 3ds… I got 20 games for free……. Contrary to popular belief, i did not feel entitled to those and it was more than enough to put a smile on my face.

          Now i’m ranting. Fuck sony and microsoft forever(except ps1).

    4. I can’t wait to see the next Final Fantasy game using this engine. Hopefully we get it and Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Wii U. I know the Wii U will be able to handle this. Leave luck to heaven.

    5. Scaleable means nothing if it looks like shit when it’s watered down.

      Wii U is an overclocked 360, with no games or real online network.

        1. Lol, I don’t think he’s noticed the Aeolus imposter comments yet.
          Have a look, Aeolus, have a fucking look.

            1. That we are capable to take the piss out of you, just as you so frequently do to us Nintendo fans. Additionally, that everyone on this site hates you and wishes you would fuck off forever ;)

          1. I dont think he noticed noone gives a damn what he says and everyone wants to punch him in the face

            1. Unfortunately they’re too fat or too chickenshit weak to do anything if they tried to do that. Like yourself for instance. :P

              1. No, you’re just a little pussy keyboard warrior. Trust me, if i saw you, you wouldn’t be able to type.
                Go back to school and get beaten up my your friends and then go home and get molested by your father because i can’t of any other reason why you’d have this obessive need to come onto a nintendo site and talk complete bollocks.

                1. Keyboard warrior? That’s what every basement dweller says to feel better about themselves, but it turns out they are indeed tiny pussy bitches with a heap of Nintendo merchandise and posters in their rooms while having the inability to socialize with anyone whatsoever.

                      1. PC, Wii, PS3, 3DS, Vita.

                        Would get a Xbox but I don’t like paying for live and it doesn’t really have any exclusives rather than mindless brown filter shooters or Halo.

                    1. Dude, you’re onhere everyfive seconds postingand replying. What doyou expect people to think? The proof is in the timestamp. How much doyou weighanyway,that you can’tmove?

        2. Look who’s here to dampen everyone’s spirits with his Sony fanboyism, seriously, why do you even come on this site?

          Way to describe EVERY system at launch, genius. Want a gold medal?

          1. It’s a simple as not responding to him. Leave him talking to himself. Trolls feed off of the reaction they get from their intended victims. Starve the troll and he’ll disappear.

            Don’t reply to him under any circumstance.

                1. Take this piss oit of him all you like, but you win by being offencive, you just stoop down to his level

        3. You should know the fact that the Wii U WILL have games– both in stores AND digital downloads at the eShop.

          Here are most of the games that you’ll be seeing (and playing) on Wii U–

          Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition
          Assassin’s Creed 3
          Mass Effect 3: Save Our Earth
          Aliens: Colonial Marines: Definitive Edition
          Project P-100
          Darksiders II: Evil Lives
          Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
          Ghost Recon Online
          Call of Duty: Black Ops II
          Madden NFL 13
          FIFA 13
          Cloudberry Kingdom
          Game & Wario
          Injustice: Gods Among Us
          Dragon Quest X
          Avengers: Battle for Earth
          NBA 2K 13
          Lego City: Undercover
          Project CARS
          Rayman Legends
          Scribblenauts Unlimited
          Tank! Tank! Tank!
          New Zelda title
          New Super Smash Bros. title
          Wii Fit U
          Zombi U

          1. 1 thing i deslike…Nintendo destroyed the rest nintendo’s press conference.NINTENDO SHOULD WON THAT PRESENTATION!

          2. Load of ports, cash in rehashes, timed exclusives and shovelware. Therefore, no system sellers and thus no games.

            1. In other words, you are in denial. You have failed miserably, you racist piece of shit. Even a representative at Gearbox software says that Aliens: Colonial Marines IS NOT A PORT OF THE PS3 OR XBOX 360. A:CM for the Wii U is the DEFINITIVE version. It’s not even in a fucking vocabulary.

                    1. hey! I found the article that even says its a powerful powerful machine :P at least a thanks would be nice! ;)

                  1. “Best looking versions”

                    >Also on PC. LOL.

                    TOTAL PR talk, and it says nothing about the Wii U version “not being a port”

                    Sounds like they want the title where they put extra effort into controller gimmicks to take off, because that’s what the game will pretty much be when it releases.

                    1. indenial Aeolus? ;) and we are talking about consoles….

                      typical Sony fan boy… i like sony but you are an embarrassment to sony fans…. you seem the biggest fan boy on here never mind the Nintendo fanboys…

                      1. He said best looking version, this implies ALL of the versions. Not just consoles. Even if it ends up “best looking” on Wii U, nobody is going to buy a new console just for a shinier version with extra controller emphasis when they can get it on consoles they currently own. Unless they happen to be a fanboy who only owns the Wii, then go right ahead.

                        1. By “innovating” you mean the next pointless controller setup that doesn’t actually take off in succeeding generations. ;)

                          1. Your daddy is still fucking you in the ass, Amir. The innovation about the Wii U is the many features of the Wii U Game Pad. Not only does it have a touchscreen, but also two clickable analog sticks, a universal remote control for your TV and cable, stream movies and shows on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus and YouTube… either on HDTV or on the GamePad, SD memory card, and NFC technology.

                          2. That’s not innovation, all of those programs are stuff the PS3 and 360 currently does. And a second screen can easily be Vita or Smartglass (worse).

                            1. “all of those programs are stuff the PS3 and 360 currently does” is copying Nintendo’s original innovation. Microdicksoft and Phony always steal everything Nintendo does.

                1. Way to describe EVERY system’s launch. I don’t know if you realize this, but the Wii-U’s launch is actually BETTER than most systems, including the PS3’s, 360’s, Wii’s, PS2’s, GameCube’s, Xbox’s, etc.

                1. Suddenly those games are bonuses when fanboys do nothing but hate on them.

                  Also, there is no Battlefield coming to Wii U anytime soon, EA confirmed there wasn’t since last year.


                    1. “Possibility” does not mean it’s going to happen like he clearly insinuated.

                      Logic prevails yet again.

                  1. Just because we dont like them doesnt mean we dont want them, if it means more people buy the wiiu and actually get into Nintendo games, im all for it

                    1. No, they’re probably implying an entirely new games. I recall a statement from them saying there were no plans to bring that game to Wii U. But considering EA…I wouldn’t put it past them to milk extra dollars by actually porting it.

            2. That was your worst attempt at trolling ever. Really now. Where is the Aeolus that actually tries to troll?

          3. Pingback: Squareenix’s Fabulous New Luminous Engine Can Work on Mobile Devices | Game Overviews

              1. You completely misinterpreted what this anon said, Lmfao.

                More evidence that you do indeed have the IQ of wood chippings.

              1. You specifically said that it was “NOT A PORT”. Nothing in the article suggests that, and I have a reply to that further up.

                Try again.

                  1. Saw, and that still doesn’t prove me wrong.

                    It’s the same game on every system. The Wii U will have controller gimmicks and nothing else. It’s very obvious.

                    1. and better power and visuals…. you know… what the pc sony and xbox fans wank over ;) especially you

                      1. Considering the console is 8th gen, not being more powerful than 6-7 year old devices isn’t exactly something to jump for joy about, especially when there is no clear evidence or videos showing legitimate next-gen graphics the current systems “can’t” perform.

                        Boohoo, pussy.

                1. Been there, done that, you’re still a FUCKING FAILURE, AMIR. Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Wii U is not a fucking port of the current gen consoles!

                  1. It is a port; and a multiplatform title that will have no differences in the game besides controls and maybe slightly up-res’d visuals.

                    1. They said it’s not a fucking port, you fucking fairy. They have already proven everyone that Aliens: CM is the definitive game for the Wii U. You don’t trust reliable sources at all, Amir. Fucking exposed for life, you racist trollfag!

                      1. How is it not a port when the game is goddamn identical to the console and PC versions in literally every possible way besides controls

                        Do tell.

                            1. On both PS3 and Xbox 360, yes… it was crap. It was until Nintendo helps out both Tecmo-Koei games and developer Team Ninja to fix the problem– better play control, new and exclusive weapons, more blood, and more dismemberment. Let’s hope that Razor’s Edge on the Wii U pwns the original Ninja Gaiden III in more ways than one.

                            2. Well, the first game on the Xbox has like a 94 on metacritic, plus I played the game and it’s an AAA masterpiece.

                            3. Hey

          4. Chris Faylor, the Community Manager for developer Gearbox has stated categorically that Aliens: Colonial Marines on Wii U is not a port. When Faylor was asked if the game was indeed a simple port of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game he replied “I hate that word. The Wii U version is not a port. Remove it from your vocabulary.”


            1. He’s right, it’s a multiplatform title with controller gimmicks to try and make an otherwise intuitive experience, completely counterintuitive and perhaps casual liquified shit.

              There, I accurately summed up what he wants Aliens on Wii U to stand out as, their extra effort on how to make it feel different, but it’s actually the same game in the long run. Just like Batman: AC.

          5. Who wants to bet that, sometime down the road, they’ll say it’s “impossible” to port games on Wii U that use this engine due to “technical limitations?”

            1. Balls. They just said they can put it on an ipad, itll be on WiiU unless microcunts buy out another franchise, just its FF, course theyll put it on WiiU if they can.
              Also the gamepad doesnt hinder the games production time,if its being used. Vigil games said once you put in the codes, it takes 5 minutes for it to be fully implemented

          6. wow saw it before and I will say it again if square makes a game with that kinda setting we might have the next ff7

            1. yeah cos ff7 looked so good graphically… chicken drumstick arms and all ;0


          7. Wow, trolls are angry. The more shockingly desperate they get, the more I’m convinced Nintendo has a winner on their hands. With Wii U, we’re getting everything- impressive games by quality developers, awesome engines and another game-changing controller. And all this with a reasonable (TBA) price tag :)

            1. Your fanboy delusion wlll convince you it’s a winner, but the console is still a total fail with no hype going for it besides said fanboys.

          8. im not even sure if this will matter in the states cause all we do is play fps puzzle games and mario zelda ect RPG are not really big here at least from what i seen

          9. 3 things:
            1-Square-Enix needs to make that demo in to an actual game
            2-Looking forward to games using this engine in the WiiU
            3-LOL Aeolus.

          10. In the spirit of destroying stereotypes(as there seems to be a major one for nintendo fans):

            I am 26, married, have my own house and car. I teach guitar professionally and enjoy other things without buttons like books. I came from a time where games were creative and story or gameplay came first. I have dabbled in every genre of gaming, from gore drenched shooters to innocent games like mario. I have owned a system from all of the ‘big 3’ and before that the ‘big 4′(lol, dreamcast). I sold all of those except my genesis, n64, ps1, wii, and 3ds. No bias at all, i gave them all a fair shot. The thing is, i deal with my anger in real life, i don’t need to use virtual murder as my catharsis, instead, i like a good story. A reason for the violence in the games i play. What i see between the lines is less and less “i want a good story, i want a fun game, i want to have fun and be inspired and use my brain and have new ideas” and more and more of “dude, when i tear the spinal cord out of the babies in ‘death gun slaughter orphanage suicide kill maniac squad’ it’s like so unrealistic, next gen needs to be able to make the babies eyes explode and the shit fly out of their butts in hd and then i want to be able to put on glasses that let me taste their brains AAAAAGH WHEN CAN I MURDER SOMEONE IN REAL LIFE?????”

            That’s not good, i understand that violence is a part of life. Some of my favorite games are metal gear solid, dead space, xenogears, xenoblade, chrono trigger’ Those deal with adult concepts but they have a message. Sometimes it is blatant, other times hidden. Yet all of those titles use gameplay and story as the vehicle to deliver those ideas, the adult content is just a bi product of the story.
            Sometimes, the idea can be as simple as ‘cooperate with friends and test your reflexes’ i.e. Any mario game.

            The reason that nintendo has such a devoted fan base is because those ideals never went away, whereas on the other side of the fence, one must wade through five feet of blood and skulls just to get one game that emphasizes ideas over “ever wondered what iraq is like? Wonder no more! Shoot everyone! It’s amazing! Parents are so mean! Turn on some korn, bro!”

            So it’s ironic that people call anything without ultra violence ‘childish’. Mature games undertand violence, and use it to make you feel uncomfortable, not to train you for the non-existent ‘oncoming zombie apocalypse’.

            Silent Hill anyone?

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