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Nintendo President “Considering Various Possibilities” For A Successor To Nintendo 3DS

Shuntaro Furukawa, who is the new Nintendo president, recently spoke with Japanese news publication, Kyoto Shimbu. One of the interesting things that came from the conversation was that the company is currently looking at the various possibilities for a successor to the immensely popular Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS handhelds.

“Though it’s been around much longer, the 3DS has certain advantages over the Switch such as ease of purchase and the like.” Furukawa also commented on a possible successor, saying that Nintendo is “considering various possibilities.” However, the statement alone doesn’t make it clear how serious the company is when it comes to exploring a new dedicated portable device that follows in 3DS’ footsteps.”

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52 thoughts on “Nintendo President “Considering Various Possibilities” For A Successor To Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Hey nintendo, gime gameboy Classic with best gameboy (gbc,gba) games installed :) or Switch handheld Only one piece console..

  2. I know most people are on the “Put everything on Switch” train but I would love a successor to the 3DS.

    Playing the DS and 3DS for so long has made me really appreciate the two-screen system and what it brings. The Switch doesn’t have anything to replicate that. Plus, the Switch is too bulky to carry around reasonably while the 3DS easily fits in my pocket.

    1. Honestly you’re not wrong. But it’s just that much more convenient to have everything on one device, and the Switch is highly preferable.

      That said, if there’s ever a 3DS successor with backwards compatibility, I’d definitely buy it eventually.

      1. Then why is Game Freak moving Pokemon, the highest selling franchise on 3DS, over to Switch? It’ll now take sales from each other, because fans are going to have to choose which device they want to play on- here’s a hint, it’ll be Switch, because it’ll kill handheld only versions (as proven by every simultaneous 3DS/Switch release where Switch mops the floor with 3DS versions).

        1. Nintendo’s slowly but surely taking the 3DS on its final ride. Emphasis on slowly. They’re gonna have simultaneous releases, they’re gonna move handheld franchises over, for sure. But as long as the 3DS still sells, they’ll still make games. They haven’t moved over Mario & Luigi (yet). But they will. But not yet. The 3DS versions still make money for them, and since it’s in Nintendo’s best interest to do what’s profitable, they’re going to keep the 3DS alive.

          It’ll die eventually, but it’ll go down kicking and screaming and swearing and making obscene gestures and the like. A bold metaphor, but a true one.

  3. Keep the 3D effect and improve it to cause less lag with certain games & let it stream games to the TV, converting the quality into HD if the TV is HD. Basically a handheld version of the Switch but with a 3D effect if you aren’t streaming it to the TV.

    1. And if the game has a Switch counterpart, make it to where owning it on Switch gives you the game on 3DS for free or vice versa if you by chance own them digitally. Sony is doing something similar if you buy a game on PS4 that’s also on PS3 & Vita that you get the PS3 & Vita versions free of charge.

    2. 3D is a costly fad. It was never a main feature that you really needed in games. You can even tell from Nintendo’s approach in phasing out 3DS and focus more on the 2DS.

  4. The successor of the 3DS is gonna be the Switch. Specifically once the processor in the Switch gets fabbed on a newer process, they’ll be able to shrink the same processor smaller, which will make it more power efficient and will bring the price down. At that point Nintendo can pair it with a cheaper 4 inch LCD screen (they could use the same ones as in the iPhone SE or iPod touch and probably save some money by piggy backing on Apple’s economics of scale. At that point they could realistically launch it at around the same price as the 3DS is right now, and have the price lower after time.

    I doubt Nintendo is ever going to go back to having a home console and a portable one. They might move toward having an eco system of consoles where you have the Switch mini, the Switch Plus, and the Switch Home. (different devices for different use cases) but you’ll probably never see them split their resources between home and portable. (You might see them publish more games on mobile phones though.)

    The thing to keep in mind is that the way that the Switch already dynamically scales the resolution of the screen means that Nintendo can keep the original Switch in new games, while at the same time launching a “New” Switch that plays the same games but with enhanced graphics, the same way that PC gamers play new games on old hardware (not all new games but a lot). Especially now the Switch already has all the hardware that you need to deliver a great experience. The next step will probably be cloud gaming anyway, so if they’re smart they could keep the Switch viable for a very long time even with the same hardware (granted they’d need to get people used to streaming games over LTE when on the go and I don’t know when that’ll happen).

    Either way the successor to the 3DS Family is the Switch Family and it’ll be here as soon as it won’t piss off existing owners, and specifically once Nvidea starts fabbing smaller chips.

    1. a switch pro you can attach your wiiU external hard drive to, as well as insert 3DS games would be amazing. just use your switch as the second screen in both cases. could upscale 3DS games a little probably.

    2. This concept is not too farfetched. I can imagine the Switch 3 years down the line (2020) will need some sort of “renewal” and i think the best answer is to release a mini and plus version of it.

      Gaming via LTE is still not a thing. I think Capcom is testing it out with RE7 but with poor connection (especially in countries outside the US/JP) it will never pick up, and downloadable and physical will be the way to go.

  5. I don’t think there’s a space in the market for a full successor to the 3DS. The Switch and mobile gaming combined cover this market adequately and so I think such a successor could only ever be a niche product.

    A more portable version of the Switch is a nice theoretical idea, but the reality is that such a console would have to be even more expensive – certainly therefore not securing that multiple Switches per household that Nintendo look for from their portable devices.

    1. mobile phones are communication devices not a console, Ok they have impressive specs but as long as my phone can make a call i don’t really care for all the crappy apps and other things just give me a phone that makes a call and nothing else and i’m happy.

  6. This would only make sense if the “successor” just played Switch games on cheaper hardware. Otherwise it makes no sense as we’re already seeing all of Nintendo’s major developement effort focused on Switch. The Switch would also be viewed as far superior to any other handheld so it likely wouldn’t do that well at all. I don’t think they’re serious at all. I think they’re just talking as long as they can until the announcement of the 3DS being discontinued comes then they’ll just not announce anything. They want to ease investors into the idea of going with only one platform is my guess.

    1. You forget Nintendo’s creativity. They can add blade less fans above the Surround sound speakerphones which can throw sound around your head with the head tracking technology they use for super stable 3D. They can have an electric current make you feel hot and cold and electricity and explosions and etc. They can have dual glasses free 3D screens with capacitive touchscreens with 3D touch and haptic feedback, and use NVIDIA tech for battery efficiency to give 20 to 100 hours battery life and with Native 480p standard definition graphics with 70 to 100 billion polygons and 300 shader cores. They can have HD rumble. They can port games like Paper Mario Color Splash and Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy 1 & 2 to feel in the gaps. As well as port Kid Icarus Uprising to grip the handheld with both hands and use your thumb (instead of stylus) to aim in the game. Plus the 4DS will see 3rd party exclusives even greater then the 3DS did. As well as have new Kid Icarus and Luigi Mansion 3 and port Xenoblade Chronicles X and make Xenoblade Chronicles X 2 and probably end up with exclusives like Kingdom Hearts 4D which can take place after 3 in a dream. We can get Tank Troopers 2 with one of its many games being an advance wars style game. As well as have Mega Man Legends 3 as a 4DS exclusive. The games would be cheap,easy and fast to make for develops with the retail games costing up to $19 or $29 and the system costing $129 to $169 with BC for Face plates to costumize. Use LED screens with High-Dynamic-Range (equivalent to NTSC for Color TV but for 3D display) which makes the Depth slider obsolete, so there’s no need to turn down nor off the 3D effect. And WCG (wide color gamut) for 60 bit (30 bit for top screen and 30 bit for bottom screen) for 1.08 billion colors on each screen (over 1 billion colors) which gets rid of any and all ghost effects. And have StreetPass snd free online gaming and access to DS and older games via Virtual Console (the Switch won’t have VC remember), as well as Wii and older games via VC. Second Circle Pad. 2 cartridge slots, one for 3DS Games and one for 4DS (same cartridge as Switch cartridge for unify successor, as well as multiplat games having both Switch and 4DS copy on the same cartridge for those who buy the Switch retail copy for up to $59). Waterproof and/ water resistant for swimming pools and bath tubs and water parks. Theres a lot to be done for a new video game system. Remember that Nintendo has higher standards yhen everyone ele, ans that they also have way more creativity and new awesome ideas then everyone else. The Switch/4DS successor will have dual detachable Native 4K HD glasses free 3D screens. The 4DS can use the same glasses free tech as shown in tech demos for 4K TVs so everyone sees the 3D effect regardless where they viewing at making face tracking obsolete. Super Smash 5 will be dual release with the Switch retail copy including both Switch & 4DS copy of the game on its cartridge, but 4DS retail copy being cheaper with only the 4DS copy on its cartridge.

      1. i forgot to mention that several years ago I bought a $3 face fan that was a blade less fan, from CVS Pharmacy. The tech is cheap to implement in a 4DS above the speakerphones if you have rings/holes in that area of the top half.

  7. I love the 3DS. It has one huge advantage over the Switch. 1 gen BC. I play a lot of DS games on that thing too. I really like the Switch as well but I still play my 3DS more.

    1. In my case the opposite I’m playing more on the Switch than the 3DS but something that I’d like to see is the capability of playing old DS games like Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, the reason why I can’t play this game is I don’t have the cartridge and there isn’t on the VC (but there is on the Wii U…)

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    3. i am wait that, it can be inside an Nintendo console.

      Wireless battery charging
      Wireless WiFi AC, for (3DS/2DS)
      Solar/Hybride Battery (it can be on Joy-Con, JoyStick, or else)
      Cloud (SaveData, or else)
      Support up to 2TB (SD/MicroSD)

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    8. I know it was successful and all but it’s time to move on from the Ds line just like they moved from the gameboy line just before that. Technology and progress cant be stopped.

      The switch is great because you have the best of both world, but makes compromises on both ends of the spectrum if you make a dedicated handheld nintendo you should also make a dedicated home console that will be way more powerful and play at least every demanding current gen games on high settings.

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    10. They just have to make a shrinked dedicated version for the Switch, and they need to put every resource on the Switch platform. We need every game developed there to make it attractive over competitive platforms. If they restart to divide resources between platforms we will have a new Wii U story. It’s time that Nintendo grows to PlayStation level (first platform on the market and standard platform for third parties… then PS will get the ‘updated’ ports…

      1. If theu can sell 100 million Wii’s and 154 million DS’s, then they can sell 100 million or so Switch’s and 160 million or so 4DS’s.
        Remember, Nintendo already did the research of what they can accomplish with the Switch.

        1. You can’t really compare times, back then it was far less costly to develop games and there wre required far less staff. Nintendo has not grew accordingly. They have the money, not the staff, they need to adapt to modern times and expand. Better to focus on one console and be able to actually make it a success (2018 got less quality games than 2017).

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