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Square Enix 8BD Is Working On A Nintendo Switch Action RPG

Square Enix’s Business Division 8 is currently on a recruitment drive for Project Assistants to help develop a unspecified Nintendo Switch Action RPG. The team is known for developing titles such as Seiken Densetsu, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Imperial SaGa and Bahamut Disco. Hopefully more about the project will be revealed in due course.

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17 thoughts on “Square Enix 8BD Is Working On A Nintendo Switch Action RPG”

  1. Now my curiousity is piqued over this action rpg idea….. the big question though is, will it be exclusive to the Portable?

  2. I very like dirge of cerberus (ff7). Dirge of cerberus is too much underrated hidden pearl game. This style game is ideál for Switch. Hope with deep rpg systém ;)

  3. This! This is what I wanted SE to do since the Switch released! I have a good feeling about this one, and this is coming from someone who hate SE as they are today. I seriously believe this will be a long awaited gem that we haven’t seen come from SE since the psp days, back when they were releasing games like like the good Dissidia games and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.
    Seriously keep your eyes on this one, I’m never wrong about these things.

  4. Please remake FF6 , FF tactics advance in HD and port kingdom hearts 1.5+2.5HD compilation its on ps360 it can run on switch. I will buy every single one of these

  5. Really hope they step their game up on the Switch. They have so many people ready and willing to support them but their so far up PlayStation’s butt. SMH Really hope they release KH Collection on Switch. I still have bought the PS4 version. It’s big money over here Square. Come get some.

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