Amiibo Nintendo Switch

Here’s The Special Gear You Get With Splatoon 2: Pearl & Marina Amiibo

The long awaited Pearl & Marina amiibo will be with us soon and many of you who have pre-ordered the lovely figures are wondering what the special gear looks like once you tap in the amiibos. Thankfully the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account has provided us with a look at the gear today. The costumes are inspired by Pearl & Marina’s outfits from the recently released Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion.





  1. They put Tupac and Biggie Smalls gear in Splatoon 2.

    But do you still get Off the Hook music? I wanna hear Pearl and Marina solo and see what song is getting mixed with I Am Octavio in Splatoon 3. Because they’re totally having a repeat of Callie vs. Marie.


  2. If these items are exclusive to the amiibo, don’t buy these if you just want them for the items they give you in-game. You will basically be paying a premium for DLC that would be cheaper if it was being sold on the eShop. Basically, you’re getting ripped off so make sure you want the amiibo for the amiibo itself & not just the exclusive content.


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