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Japan: Square Enix Apologises For Octopath Traveler Supply Shortage

It seems as though Square Enix’s well-received Octopath Traveler on the Nintendo Switch has performed well as the game is currently experiencing shortages in Japan. The company has taken to Twitter to apologise to those wishing to purchase a physical copy of the game and they suggest purchasing it digitally or getting a Nintendo Switch download card at their local shop while the issue is sorted.

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26 thoughts on “Japan: Square Enix Apologises For Octopath Traveler Supply Shortage”

    1. YEah such a great thing people still needs Cd’s and floppy disks.
      These people hold us all back. Get a job and get real internet sc*m

      1. Haha, alright. But people would loose jobs, like GameStop, if there was no physical game sales :P Plenty with people in Norway which can’t buy proper Internet even if they wanted because of their location.
        I’m just curious; how do physical games hold back anything?

      2. So great to not be able to land a game, resell it or even keep it if you lose or break your console!!! Nice future you got there buddy

      3. @Law, yeah because losing my iPhone or switch I totally can’t login in on new device and redowload it again, yeah totally … not.

        Bought 3ds again after I sold last one and have all games on it from 2 years ago.

        Why are you playing dumb dumb ?

      4. @Kantenstain, who cares about gamestop jobs ? I don’ wanna pay for the middleman I’m not here to save the world. They had plenty of opportunity to prove themselves, instead they ripped us off. bye, bye gamestop no more middlemen

      5. Are you even paying attention to what’s currently happening to the Wii’s Shop channel at the end of the year? It’s being taken down COMPLETELY meaning you can’t even redownload your purchases.

        If Octopath Traveler was digital only, good luck with finding a way to play it in 20 years after the Switch’s eShop is down.

      6. Yeah such a great thing that people still want to suck companies digital dicks and be completely willing to bend over for them to shove forced DRM for digital only games and have no problem what so ever when digital services and games are discontinued and are no longer available for purchase anywhere.

      1. keep dreaming you. liking other posts and wanna report mine because you can’t handle what I’m telling isn’t gonna hold companies back to go full into the cloud. Everything will be a service and sub. in the future. hardware getting so small it will be in the service rent. no hard drive all cloud and digital. again saving on cost and have full control. Get used to it. basement collectors nintendo cares less.

        1. I do agree that a more or less digital only future is inevitable, but even Nintendo stated this year that there are still a demand for physical which they want to tap into for the moment.

          I do think collectors makes a decent chump of change for them. I don’t think a digital only scenario is the one they earn the most from at the moment. Plenty buys Collector’s Editions and stuff because it is in limited quantities, and that make people pay up. If everything is digital, people will buy it when they feel to or wait for sales, since it won’t go out on stock. (I remember I tries to buy Battlefield something on Origin, and they said they soon would go out for digital license keys lol. Tried to stress us with a dirty trick).

          But yeah. One day probably will everything be digital, and Collector’s Editions will be like PC is now. Just download codes.

      2. @erik The Xbox One’s launch plan was trying to push something like this and consumers fought back and won. That kind of plan will always fail as long as people refuse to accept it.

  1. aNO2You-isYES2Myself

    Do not worry Square, ain’t gonna buy it, cancel the prints. Learned my Lesson after Bravely default, just like every Square game it’s all about the art and looks and that’s all. Same boring gameplay and a big f$$ckyou at the end of the game.

    1. Lol Bravely Default had some of the best turn-based combat in the past couple decades. The job system might be the best of any RPG thus far.

    1. that’s because Greece is socialism and poorest of Europe, bail outs banks closing for days not really attractive for free market companies. so you guys are the last of their worries

  2. A simple solution would be to ship by order of demand. If 100 people put in an order for the game, they make 100 additional copies & send them off. Enough of this “If you don’t get a copy from the first, second, etc wave of shipments, you are fucked!” bullshit. This tactic would have stopped the limited stock of certain amiibo years back, too, and it would have made sure everyone that wanted one would get one without having to pay bullshit scalper prices. As much as the fanatics of Nintendo, Sony, Square Enix, etc want to blame the scalpers, scalpers are only a by-product of shitty stock and/or not shipping by order of demand.

  3. There is something wrong with my cart, every time I insert it in the console, it recognizes the cart but notifies there is something wrong with it and wont boot the game.
    Going to try cleaning the contacts, but hopefully I don’t have to return it.

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