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Koichi Ishii Has Shared Fresh Ever Oasis Artwork To Commemorate 1st Anniversary

Ever Oasis is available on the Nintendo 3DS and it’s hard to believe it has now been available for one year. To celebrate the game’s special first anniversary, Koichi Ishii has revealed some brand new Ever Oasis artwork. If you’ve yet to pick up the colourful action RPG you can read our review here.


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  1. Instead of celebrating they should start working, working on Switch cleaned up port and free to play and you can buy new shit for online playing with randoms cleaning out dungeons. Numbers don’t lie of free to play so yeah, sit down and shut up.

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    1. IF YOU FORGOT It probably sucks otherwise everyone would talk about if it was sooooo good, but it isn’t !
      sAME boring shit repackaged. Nothing revolutionary, typical Japan, save and boring like sushi for last 100 years

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  2. it’s amazing that this game was released one year ago ;-;

    I really loved this game, everything about it, one of my favorite 3DS games and one of my favorites of all time uwu


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