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Bill Trinen On More Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Reveals: “We Can Answer That When We Get Closer To December”

Earlier today, Nintendo Life posted an interview with Nintendo’s Nate Bihldorff and Bill Trinen. There, the two were asked about the plans for more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character reveals. Bill Trinen replied, saying that “We can answer that when we get closer to December”. DLC was also discussed, but Trinen explained that they don’t decide on that until after the game is done. Here’s what Trinen said about the matter in full:

NL: Are there plans to either announce characters between now and December or is the finalized, complete roster? Can we expect to see more at a later date?

Trinen: We can answer that when we get closer to December.

NL: Will there be DLC? Are there plans to expand on the game after release?

Trinen: The thing about us, when it comes to something like DLC, we don’t really start on it until we have got the game done. So, maybe when the game comes out they will make a decision on if they will do it, or if they do what they want to do, that sort of thing.




  1. So basically “Yeah, there’s going to be more characters so sit tight” and “We’re not going to hold back content to release as DLC later so you’re going to get truly extra content if we decide to do it”

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    1. Yup, rex xenoblade, okami, bayonetta 3 all gonna be paid dlc, the most complete smash lol yeah right because if they could not say that what other selling point they have ? it’s a Wii U game with tweaks, truth


      1. Ultimate has a lot taken from Smash 4, but it’s not “a Wii U game with tweaks”. It’s about as different from 4 as Melee was from 64, Brawl was from Melee, and 4 was from Brawl.

        Saying it’s just got some tweaks from the Wii U game is greatly undermining all the work that’s gone into this game

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      2. +Erik
        ZeRo, the Smash Bros 4 Champion, has come out and said himself that Smash Bros Ultimate is very different from Smash Bros 4. If ZeRo himself isn’t enough to convince you, then you are beyond hope.

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      1. Sure. But updates to current content (balancing and bug fixes) and adding completely new content are kinda two different things.


    1. Disney owns all the rights to Sora. Square Enix makes the game but the rights to Kingdom Hearts are owned directly by Disney. Sora is a Disney character, he’s practically in the same boat as Goku and will never be in Smash.


      1. Sora & Goku are not in the same boat at all. As long as a character originated in video games, they are allowed in Smash. Sora is one such character since he first appeared in a video game and has been solely a video game character. Goku, on the other hand, originated in manga. In spite of the many video games Goku has appeared in, he’s still a manga character.


  2. December 7th, 2018

    Bill: The new character reveals for Smash Ultimate are …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… one after Ridley!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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  3. If they want more money after release they will. If the game sells well(it will, duh) then I don’t see it happening for awhile. Maybe like what they did with sm4sh, release it later to keep interest. Same old, same old.


    1. Nah. I’d actually rather they reveal all the new characters. I find the trailers a lot more exciting than just unlocking a character and not knowing who they are. The trailers get me really excited to play the characters. Otherwise there’s no buildup.


    2. I’d actually rather they reveal all the new characters. I find the trailers a lot more exciting than just unlocking a character and not knowing who they are. The trailers get me really excited to play the characters. Otherwise there’s no buildup.


      1. They can still do trailers. Just don’t reveal who the trailer is for in the title or the display pic. Title it “Secret Character 1”, “Secret Character 2”, etc with the display pic being a barely recognizable shadow. So til you play the trailer, you won’t know who it is.


  4. People will never be 100% happy with this game because their dream character isnt in. If your character gets in, great. But stop begging and be happy for what father sakurai has done for us.


  5. I’m really surprised that King K. Rool hasn’t appeared as a fighter in Smash. Or Smithy (from Super Mario RPG) and Wart, though more far-fetched. My niece wanted Captain N The Game Master. LOL! I myself always wanted to see Ash Ketchum. They should have made the Pokémon trainer be Ash. I always imagined Team Rocket in Smash. The way they always blast off, they could have done that in Smash Bros. whenever they’re defeated. Blast off into the horizon with a little twinkle, just like in the anime. Hehe

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    1. You know there’s gonna be more- you can’t have a new Smash and *only* have two new fighters, even if you’re bringing back everyone from series history.

      As for me, I’m hoping K. Rool is among them, as well as Krystal and Waluigi being upgraded from assist to playable at some point.


    1. That won’t happen. He’s post-Sakurai HAL so there won’t be any incentive to do it. They’d probably go for a FE character if they decided to make a spear-wielding fighter… but even that is very unlikely imo.


      1. I’m sorry but you’re wrong. Bandana Dee is made by Lord Sakurai himself in Kirby Super Star and also this little guy has an interesting miveset that can be made for let him be in Smash.

        I don’t say that it can’t be a FE character as spear-wielding but personally from FE I want to see Hector


      2. I meant that his character wasn’t established until after Sakurai left. He’s kinda like… he was just some Toad when Sakurai was there and now they’ve made him into a Captain Toad with a personality and stuff.

        Also I feel like he’d be hard to balance. A small character that is potentially quick with huge reach can be somewhat broken. Unless it was entirely stab attacks… I could see them favoring a FE spear character because at least they would compensate by being a bigger target.


  6. I’ll assume there’ll be more challenger approaching trailers leading up to Ultimate’s release this December, even if they’re not in Directs. One thing that would be nice to do before December is a dedicated direct for the game. Seeing how the Unlockable Fighters will work in Ultimate, probably we’ll have known all fighters in the game by the time December arrives.


  7. What characters do you guys want in Smash?
    Personally, Paper Mario and Simon Belmont. (also a skin for Big Boss would be nice)


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