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There Are Currently No Plans For A Switch Version Of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

GameSpot recently did an interview with Eidos Montreal lead game designer Heath Smith, where they discussed Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, as well as a Nintendo Switch version of the game. According to GameSpot, “Smith said Eidos Montreal is putting all of its effort and focus on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. He added that he is a personally a big fan of Nintendo’s hybrid console, but it wasn’t the right fit for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, at least not right now”.


24 thoughts on “There Are Currently No Plans For A Switch Version Of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider”

    1. Yeah in another paralel universe everything is alright , we just happen to live in the one where the golden nintendo decade of the 90’s got ruined afterwords with mediocre casual consoles. Besides Zelda , Metroid Prime , Mario , Smash and Mario Kart first party hasn’t been what it used to be eather. Sure DK is nice but still a copy of the 90’s nothing new like Mario Odyssey open world for example.

    2. And it’s probably more expensive, feature-focused instead of software-focused, is as big as a VCR, and still pretty weak compared to gaming PC’s.

      Thank god we live in this timeline.

  1. It doesnโ€™t really matter to me if a mainline game ever came to Switch but anyone else think it would be alright if she appeared in Smash? I mean sheโ€™s pretty iconic even if like Cloud, hasnโ€™t really appeared on a Nintendo console. (That I know of)

      1. Somehow I remember playing some piss poor version on Game boy.
        But freaking N-Gage had a mainline TR game… so Eidos Interactive (now squeenix europe) had their priorities set straight.

    1. She was on a few Gameboy Color games that were actually pretty decent if I remember correctly. Plus a quick google search shows Tomb Raider Legend on GameCube and Anniversary, great game btw, on the Wii. So yeah, I think she’d be a great addition to Smash, especially if we could have classic Lara and the new Lara variations. Very iconic character in video game history.

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    1. Edson Masculino de Andrade

      I think they will work on this after PS4/XONE versions launch, and they will realease with PC version

    1. I only own Nintendo and sometimes it is scratchy and I feel like buying pc for gaming. Problem is time and for some reason Non Nintendo games makes you more and more angry over time.

    2. Yeah… But it think every Nintendo fan is used to this kind of news already. The Switch came late to the party… It’s only normal for developers to overlook it…
      The real question how is it the Switch’s updated hardware can go toe to toe with the next Gen hardware?
      It doesn’t have to be up to par… Just something like Switch vs PS4 in terms of graphics will get the job done for them.
      The switch is suffering not because of its limited hardware (of course it’s limited… It’s a port-able), but because of the timing of its release… Too late in the console cycle.

    3. Idk I feel ya and I dont. I own a Switch to play Nintendo games. I have a ps4, brother has an xbox one. So I could really play this game and many others but I usually dont they do t really interest me that much. But this one does look pretty interesting!

  3. Ok Ok i dont need this new tomb raider. Gime legend, anniversary, underworld trilogy :) or better first five tomb raider in psx quality :D

  4. Edson Masculino de Andrade

    I think they can easily port this games or the Ryse/2012, Ryse of tomb raider in x360 runs very well.

    1. Maybe the 2013 Tomb Raider, that would def run on the Switch, but Rise and Shadow are almost a big no. Rise is so much bigger, and Shadow is supposed to be even bigger, im not sure the Switch would be able to handle it without such a drastic drop in almost every aspect.

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