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Ubisoft Director Says He Would Bring Assassin’s Creed Odyssey To Nintendo Switch If He Knew How To Program

The folks at Game Informer recently had an opportunity to chat with Ubisoft game director Scott Phillips about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. One of the questions that came up in the conversation was a potential Nintendo Switch version of the upcoming game, which arrives later this year on competing platforms. Read on below to see how the corresponding dialogue played out.

Game Informer: Could this come to Switch?

Scott Phillips: I don’t know how to program, so otherwise I would do it myself


36 thoughts on “Ubisoft Director Says He Would Bring Assassin’s Creed Odyssey To Nintendo Switch If He Knew How To Program”

  1. Yeah sure… Assassin Creed Odyssey on the Switch. I’m sorry by the Switch would not handle the game as is, I mean we’re talking about a game that would run at 5 FPS stop-motion style on the Switch’s modest power.

    Maybe on the next Nintendo console… if they make it powerful… but we know Nintendo is allergic to that word. They like to shop at the 20 years ago tech store that discounts old tech that was used last gen. You know.. Kidding aside, the next System will be a cardboard labo based system with a scratch and win peel sticker for a screen. Joy!

    1. I mean, yeah, it’s guts are mostly a polished up Shield tablet, but even a $1k phone doesn’t have innards tuned for gaming like that awesome tablet did. It’s an immensely powerful piece of tech, it’s just made of high end mobile parts instead of low end, can’t-stand-up-to-my-five-year-old-gaming-rig PC parts, like the rest of the consoles. If you actually care about tech, the Switch is awesome. Other consoles are budget toasters with a few worthwhile exclusives.

      1. Admittedly, it’s great to know that we can actually play console quality games anywhere on what is essentially a tablet. That’s amazing.

        What isn’t amazing though is the number of games not coming to it simply because it’s not powerful enough.

        I would kill to play some of these on the go. But, it’s understandable…

      2. Switch is truly impressive for what it is, yeah. To se games like Odyssey run at 60FPS and Doom running at all is an achievement. But those Cortex A57 cores isn’t that impressive really. Those are pretty mid-low-end mobile chips. That’s what keeping it back.

        1. The Tegra X1 is a beast. They weren’t going to find a better bang for the buck chip for a handheld gaming system. The advantage of the chip is that it’s been the only one with intensive gaming in mind and done in a way that makes it more similar to PC GPU’s than any other, which is why it outperforms so many beefier chips in graphic intensive gaming. At the time of release, the X1 was getting twice the graphical benchmark scores as Apples flagship tablet. Even on Android, (compared to the lower level access that Nintendo games have to squeeze out performance) ports running on the Shield TV were outperforming PS3/360. We have a handheld this gen that’s a fair bit more powerful than consoles last gen and people are complaining about power still?

          With an early 2017 release, we’re comparing chips released in 2016. I personally couldn’t find better benchmarks than the X1 around that time for anything remotely close to the same price point (the Shield TV was hitting these crazy benchmarks for only $200). The question is basically, could they have gotten a Snapdragon 835 in it in time for the same price point, and would it be better for GPU heavy gaming?

          1. I’m not saying the GPU is weak, hold your horses. It is one of the impressive pieces of mobile tech out there. And with Switch’s OS and optimalisation it is a beast for a 15w tablet. The 4 Cortex 57 cores are 2014 tech if I remember correctly, and only 3 is reserved for the games. I don’t know how much(if at all) the CPU bottlenecks the GPU, but I’ll bet if they had a stronger CPU and a bit more RAM, more tripple A games would have a easier time porting over, even with the same X1 GPU.

            Yeah, the X1 GPU is using Maxwell architecture like the GTX 900-series. Makes it easier to port games and scalable if Nintendo want to upgrade Switch’s GPU.

            1. I think the core runs 4 57s and 4 53s but never at the same time. It switches to the 53s for efficiency. The cores are 2014-2015, you’re right.

              1. Nvidia and Digital Foundry has comfirmed it is a custom made X1 without A53 cores. It is only four A57. Check out Digital Foundry’s Switch vs PC Doom review for exampel.

            2. If it was a stronger CPU it would have to be bigger to the point it isn’t portable anymore defeating, it’s purpose. Outside of Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild the Switch is essentially a glorified Android phone that can only do the dumb Go Dot engine games.

    2. You do know the Tegra chip they’re using can run Crysis 3 at max settings in 1080p at 30fps.
      It’s a 2016 chip and by the time they started producing the consoles, they didn’t have enough time to utilize the Tegra Parker chip, which would have given them a boost for sure at around 2.5Teraflops, but they decided to go for the chip that is just as capable.

      Also, Doom Eternal….. need I say more?

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