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Ubisoft Confirms That Steep Is Still In Development For Nintendo Switch

We don’t know when Steep will finally arrive on Nintendo Switch, but Ubisoft has reconfirmed that its extreme sports title is still in development for the console. According to the publisher, the game’s launch details are TBD (to be determined) and further information will come at a later date. The following statement comes from Ubisoft’s official support page, in regard to the upcoming Switch version’s status:

The Steep team stated in October that this is still planned. The release date is still TBD, and we don’t have further information to share at this time. Thank you for your interest!



  1. who cares about a snowboard game? this game was a flop, i dont care about it, i wanna Far Cry ou Assassins Creed Games

  2. I wonder what’s taking so long. Probably th Snowdrop engine is not as flexible as they thought and now they have to start afresh with a new engine like the Unreal4

  3. 1 – this game release too late for Switch
    2 – this game is Only Nice graphic, gameplay is so poor
    3 – nintendo fans need serious SSX game (SSX game is much better!)

  4. 1080 will always be the best snowboard game, even today it still so good, the gameplay feels good and the music rocks.

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